The DLC rant - **** better change this coming generation

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User Info: AzaneAzer

4 years ago#31
I don't buy any games that do DLC like this, but it's getting irritating how small a market I have as an informed consumer to pick from now, since every single game under the sun is getting multiple "First day DLCs" that would just be in the game if the system didnt exist, sick of playing more for less,

I like quoting "Production costs go up", by saying that it costs almost a fraction of what it used to to produce games, where's money go? Well, let's look at Tomb Raider, 90% of their expense was oversaturated advertisement, and it kind of paid off, by breaking record sales for the franchise, but it was an overall LOSS? Don't blame consumers for this crap, blame the guy who budgeted so much into spamming TV commercials that they needed to break world record sales to break even.

Valve has my favorite quote "Just make the product good, and you won't need to cheat your customers to make a profit"


4 years ago#32
Production costs my foot. Movie studios don't complain
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User Info: khardbored

4 years ago#33
squidney2k1 posted...
For every game that does it right, there are 4 that do it wrong and make DLC as a whole still quite a freakin' rip-off.

1. DLC should be discounted just like the games. No reason we should have to pay $10 for the same map pack that's been out for 2 years.

I agree. DLC should have sales and discounts just like every other form of digital entertainment.

2. All of this $5 for "a new outfit" or hat color crap needs to stop. It seems like the industry was getting it together but the last year has seen the worse offenders since Horse Armor

This is very subjective. Some people have no issue with this and enjoy it. It really doesn't have any negative impact on how you enjoy a game.

3. All "day 1," Collector's Edition, Special Addition, etc. etc. DLC should be available for free after a certain amount of time (1 year max).

This isn't going to happen and if it does, not very often. I can see the items being available later at a discount, maybe. But limited editions, collectors editions, etc become worthless if later on down the road, anyone can buy them for cheaper (or free) then when they initially paid.
The main appeal to collectors editions, etc, are their limited quantities and the sense of having something special and somewhat rare.

4. More 3rd party DLC promotions like Dr. Pepper cap codes or 7-Eleven codes, instead of stupid exclusive content depending on what store you went to.

I agree. But more DLC doesn't equate to a better experience.

5. Less of this "season pass" crap. Why give an extra $20-$30 for future DLC when there's no solid indication that your mediocre game will even hold up that long with gamers? COD Season Pass? Yes. Borderlands 2 Season Pass? Absolutely. Saints Row Season pass? Ehhhmm, no. Ace Combat Season Pass? WTF?!!!!

Subjective. You may not like an Ace Combat season pass but I am sure there are enough gamers out there that do. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean no one else does either.
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

4 years ago#34
LICKWIDPAlN posted...
^^^Except prices won't go down. They will stay the same because we as gamers are stupid enough to pay for it.
Prices did not go down this gen cuz of DLC. In fact, they stay higher, longer. Why lower prices when they can keep it the same and people buy it anyway?

Stay higher longer? A majority of games drop by 20-30 dollars within the first 3 months. The only exceptions are games that sell like peanuts to a squirrel-farm and games published by Nintendo, that never go down in price ever.

User Info: NewMoonShadow

4 years ago#35
LICKWIDPAlN posted...
Production costs my foot. Movie studios don't complain

Movies have a much, much higher profit margin by virtue of a much larger audience. Way fewer people play video games than see movies. There's also the fact that movies have multiple sources of income just by its natural course of progression these day. From theater to Blu-Ray to being picked up by NetFlix and Amazon to being aired on TV, all of this earns the movie studios cash.
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