Don't care what anyone says Day One Purchase!!!!!!

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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#11
motoraptor posted...
Shik_stick posted...
Agreed. AC has always been underrated.

It is definitely not underrated...

Assassin's Creed is an appropriately-rated franchise.
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User Info: Millertime660

4 years ago#12
i skipped the last two so I am pretty excited for this one. I usually assasins creed myself out because I like to do everything in the game....

User Info: ClutcH_BF

4 years ago#13
lol @ AC being underrated.
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User Info: tokenblackguy23

4 years ago#14
yeah i believe the last AC sold 8 million copies
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User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#15
What's with the Sony Sales Force? lol. BushidoEffect3 and Neomonk are so cute in their little salesmen costumes!
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User Info: tokenblackguy23

4 years ago#17
Imagine you come home from a long day of work, school, etc... you walk into your house and the lights are off but there are tea-light candles leading you to your bathroom. You get to the door and open it and candles are everywhere. You look into your tub and Scarlett Johansson raises her foot through tons of bubbles while holding a bottle of moscato and ask you "What took you so long". Well this is that trailer, this is that game DAY ONE!!!!!!!

In case you dont know who Scarlett Johansson is
Baltimore Ravens!!!!!

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#18
How is this a reason to buy an X1?
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User Info: SirLemont

4 years ago#19 I'll wait for the "complete" edition before I buy it...if I buy it.

User Info: Shik_stick

4 years ago#20
Yeah I worded that I meant it gets a lot of undue hate thrown at it.
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