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  3. Ever since last gen, every game feels the same and boring to me. Am I alone?

User Info: Optimal-Fitness

7 years ago#1
Maybe CoD started it for me, IDK. But I can't seem to try anything new and enjoy it. There were only a couple games last gen that were at all interesting to me. Wii Sports with family, just because it was different. Brawl to a degree, Red Dead Redemption, and little bits and pieces of Bioshock.

GTA IV was horrible, tried Dead Space and didn't like it. Bought a ton of Wii games and old gen games I never played, and I was disappointed. Didn't really care for anything else on the PS3/360. Never bought a 3DS because I never saw the appeal.

I could just be very picky, or maybe I'm not playing the right games, but games have felt completely lackluster to me for a while now. However, I can still go back to old games and play them and enjoy them, just not for very long. I've already played them to death, and the lack of the element of surprise/genuine excitement keeps them from really being enjoyable.

Or maybe I enjoyed things before I went online and looked up YT vids on them, reviews, metacritic scores, etc...

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User Info: pompommini

7 years ago#2
Pick up a 3ds and that should fix the problem.
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User Info: Coarse

7 years ago#3
Optimal-Fitness posted...
Never bought a 3DS because I never saw the appeal.

You make it sound like an old system. It's only about halfway through its lifespan. Maybe it warrants another look.

In any case, I'm sure there's a game out there somewhere that'll revitalize your enthusiasm for the hobby. Look into some of the more niche games and try some things you never thought you'd like. You might be surprised.
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User Info: Lord Lizard

Lord Lizard
7 years ago#4
Gonna be honest here, you're not alone.

If it wasn't for the indies, I probably wouldn't be playing videogames anymore. There's Nintendo too, but only sometimes. Heck, if I had to make a top 10 games of this generation, most of them would be Wii titles, even though not all of them would be exclusives.
There are some exceptions though, like Dark/Demon Souls or Borderlands...

But yeah... MGS4? Didn't like it. Bioshock? Didn't like it. Skyrim? Didn't like it. Dead Space? Didn't like it.

In the end, PC and 3DS are pretty much the only things I use right now. I sometimes turn on my PS3 when I want to play a fighting game.
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User Info: Tendonitis

7 years ago#5
Here is Jim Sterling talking about what you are saying.


He is talking about focus groups and is saying that everyone is trying to match the success of CoD by making their own CoD. However, everyone who wants something like CoD, already has CoD.
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User Info: reptyle101

7 years ago#6
Buy more varied games. The problem to me looks like you're buying a bunch of AAA shooters and Nintendo rehash games then complaining they're always quite similar. Look around for a bit and pick up stuff from a lot more genres.
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User Info: Darkside_Shadow

7 years ago#7
I have been bored with all the latest games (AAA titles) since 2010)

Until I bought State Of Decay. Was hooked for 5 hours straight. And keep playing.


User Info: damin

7 years ago#8
your not alone I got really bored of these new gen systems so I went back playing sega and snes and having a blast.

User Info: facetioussage

7 years ago#9
It's like movies and...well.. a lot of mass media entertainment.

Costs are high, so most Publishers are averse to risk. It is easier to follow a "proven" successful formula for them and know that they will have at least some measure of success. The problem is that most of them just crank out FPS games for any old thing.

I swear if they make a Plants vs Zombies FPS, I may die from hysterics.

Some games break new ground, and then are quickly copied. When GTAIII moved from overhead to a 3rd person open-world sandbox, it was pretty fresh. A whole slew of copycats came around, but I think Saint's Row was the first one to actually do a genuinely good job of it. SR1 actually did some things that were later used in GTAIV...and ooohhhh, the fanboy wars between THOSE two games was amusing at the time.

Still, there is a lot of risk to making a new style of game. Dead Rising 1 did pretty good considering it's nature. It sold pretty well. I remember the boards after it came out though...people didn't like the timed missions or the save system. The problem was, the game itself was designed around those limitations for it's challenge. The game would have been ridiculously easy without them.

I didn't think Dead Rising 2 really innovated much past DR1. The co-op was nice, but it didn't feel like a proper evolution overall. Sequel stagnation?

Other games get critically acclaimed, but the sales don't really get the suits to sit up and take notice.

Ultimately, most Publishers are going to want to back things they feel strongly that they can get a return on their investment from. The reason we get so many variations of Call of Duty is because people flock to those games in huge numbers. CoD2 Black Ops has a sales figure that is astonishing.

Bland? Perhaps. Safe? Most certainly. Profitable? Ask Bobby Kotick as he counts the millions of dollars a year he earns in salary and options.
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User Info: Lord Lu Bu

Lord Lu Bu
7 years ago#10
I hear you TC. It's mainly why I never invested in this generation of consoles. The whole industry has homogenized itself. Instead of spending a good chunk of money on a console I ungraded my PC (for much less) and can play pretty much any game I want to on ultra settings without an issue. And for games that play better with a controller I have a good Logitech one so I'm pretty happy with my decision to sit this generation out.
Something fantastic is going to have to convince me to buy into this upcoming generation. Wil wait for a while after the PS4 is out to decide on that one. Wii U has no games that interest me and XBOne is an obvious non-contender. Console gaming kinda of sucks right now.
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  3. Ever since last gen, every game feels the same and boring to me. Am I alone?
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