Do all the haters hate Facebook too? Cause that's more invasion of privacy

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  3. Do all the haters hate Facebook too? Cause that's more invasion of privacy


5 years ago#21
CreepyPRV posted...
I can lie about my stuff on facebook.

Trust me. They know everything about you. Through face recognition and networking your friends list information together, you can't hide from them with some made up info. Someone will tag one of your photos and then you are in the system.

they know ''everything'' that can be put on words and a lot associated with my friends, my photo-tags that i approve and manage. and since im not a criminal, i have little to fear (im more concerned about the ads which ,as i said, i block conveniently).

but having skynet scan my private room and send whatever info (video-audio, my whole life in my private space in 3d-digital form for them to use and maybe sell as info to 3rd parties) back to wherever, well, i dont think so

User Info: shinra35800

5 years ago#22
CreepyPRV posted...
than the new xbox will be.

and this justifies EVERYTHING invading privacy how? that adds more to the hater's points than yours.

User Info: MertensCW

5 years ago#23
Funny thing is i don't have a FB.

After the PS4 reveal i would make one for PS4 game videos, fake info or not, all privacy options on and basically make it my own personal game video archiver.
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

5 years ago#24
I do hate Facebook, actually. And google sometimes, but unfortunately bing just sucks.
"The best things in life must be taken... by force!"
~Captain Khan

User Info: Xtypegamer

5 years ago#25
I quit facebook 2 yrs ago.

User Info: gans626

5 years ago#26
I hate facebook once it got all corperate on us. I haven't logged into facebook for over a year now,
Albert Wesker for President 2016

User Info: bartz90

5 years ago#27
You choose to make a Facebook account and what you put on it. I went without one until very recently. You have no choice about Kinect if you have the X1.

Stop making this absolutely stupid comparison people.
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  3. Do all the haters hate Facebook too? Cause that's more invasion of privacy

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