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LeftiesRule 1 month ago#31
AngusBurner posted...
This. Or an Outbreak 3 would be nice. I feel like Outbreak 1 and 2 came out in the wrong era.

I love Outbreak File 2.

Outbreak File 1 is okay.

I would love a Outbreak File 3 or a Remastered Outbreak File 1+2 Remastered with Online Compatibility/CO OP.
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gtomanga 1 month ago#32
kanon951 posted...
They need to remake Code Veronica instead

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JacktheBoss 1 month ago#33
Bearprint posted...
RE 3 got good reviews *flies away*

Wait! Come back!
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Bearprint 1 month ago#34
One week until The Game Awards.
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MetalCannon2 1 month ago#36
If I don't hear Leon say "Where is everyone going? Bingo?" I'm returning the game ASAP.

They better keep the dialogue the same or have an option to change it.
riddlebox89 1 month ago#37
Adam_Ace posted...
Why is Wesker wearing Punished Snake's robot arm?

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if Resident Evil 4 is remade but wouldn't it make more sense to remake a Resident Evil that could actually use fixing? I'd be surprised they'd pick 4 given how poorly they f***ed up 3 especially when Code Veronica and Zero are basically low hanging fruit at this point. Of course I've not played Resident Evil 4 I always thought the little french dude was the villain.

Looks more like his arm is bloody and bandaged.

As for why they'd remake RE4 instead of CV or 0, well that's simple, RE4 was more successful and more well liked than either of those two, so it's a safer bet to remake it than the two that are commonly referred to as the worst of the classic style games.
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RollingCradle 1 month ago#38
Ashley panties or no buy!
zombie_basher13 1 month ago#39
The most pointless remake of all time

I can't see much good coming out of this, but maybe that's because RE 3 was so disappointing and RE 8's story was astonishingly stupid so my expectations are tempered. And of course, it will be inferior to the original, no matter what. RE 4 is a classic
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RollingCradle 1 month ago#40
I still want to play thru it in Umbrella Chronicles 3!
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