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  3. I'm surprised they didn't make a game about Squid Game yet
wishmaster0912 1 month ago#1
So they could milk this garbage further , anyway it would make a good survival horror
Johnalove 1 month ago#2
We already have this masterpiece

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ssjmatthew 1 month ago#3
Fall guys was squid game before squid game.
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Gaia093 1 month ago#4
It's/They're probably being made at the moment.
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gtomanga 1 month ago#5
isn't saw & those "Zero Escape" game franchise the same thing?

the game death survival idea isn't new,
there's insane amount of manga/visual novels/indie series that explored & perfected this concept.
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Malevolent_Moon 1 month ago#6
ssjmatthew posted...
Fall guys was squid game before squid game.

Pretty much but more kid friendly and I don't think the losers die.
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Gamespoht 1 month ago#7
Nobody gives a s*** about a Netflix show game, just look at how Narcos and Stranger Things gets talked about
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leeman27534 1 month ago#8
didn't it just come out?
games take a while to make.

even if a dev wanted to, presumably they needed the series to come out, then contact the makers, ask if they can, arrange for the rights to do so

then make the god damn game, which can take years...
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toadieman 1 month ago#9
crab game
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RollingCradle 1 month ago#10
Splatoon 3
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  3. I'm surprised they didn't make a game about Squid Game yet
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