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User Info: Darknessx9

1 month ago#1
Are clothes a waste of money? - Results (101 votes)
50.5% (51 votes)
49.5% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is a question I had in mind so asked it here...

After seeing the Balenciaga x PS5 and Fortnite collabs and their prices.

Do you think spending a lot or, above average in shoes, hoodies, and accessories is a waste of money?
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User Info: SonGaton

1 month ago#2
Generally, you get what you pay for. However, some brands are more focused on flashiness, so buying from them can be a waste of money.

It's still very subjective however. Some people are willing to pay more for designs they like, where's the harm in that? You gotta decide for yourself what is worth your money and what isn't.
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User Info: BlueSnow

1 month ago#3
If you buy expensive clothes for no f***ing reason, yes.
I buy a T-shirt for 8 bucks, a jeans for 40, long-sleeve for 10, pullover for 20, shoes for 50, a coat for 50 and a pack of 4 boxers for 10.

No one needs a 50 bucks T-shirt or 200 bucks shoes.
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User Info: SilverUberXeno

1 month ago#4
IMO quality of athletic shoes can vary quite a bit based on price, but I wear a lot of cheap shorts and free t-shirts. I don't feel the need to pay a lot for something with minimal functional purpose like a t-shirt. Shoes, though, are critically important for a lot of activities.

User Info: Snakebone99

1 month ago#5
Along as you don't freeze to death, then any clothes are fine.

User Info: Nicodimus

1 month ago#6
Clothes need to be functional, but going far beyond that for everyday wear clothes is a waste of money IMO.

I get 90% of my clothes from a Goodwill store. Cheap and comfortable, look decent.
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User Info: random_man9119

1 month ago#7
I usually get all my clothes and shoes cheap... They're all just graphic tees so they're all usually pretty cheap...

Most I spend money on is hoodies... and I only spend about $50 on each...
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User Info: d_parker

1 month ago#8
Well a $20.00 shirt probably does the same job as a $100.00 shirt, so it's up to you how to you want to spend your money.

Personally I'd rather spend my money on other things - as long as your clothes aren't in tatters or dirty, who the hell cares what you wear.

User Info: AltOmega2

1 month ago#9
I don't like having to wear nice shoes instead of tennis shoes.

User Info: kobalobasileus

1 month ago#10
As Mackelmore teaches, you're better off doing your own style on the cheap than trying to "buy cool" by spending hella dough on Chinese sweatshop products with a designer label sewn on.
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