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  3. Do you still shop at GameStop or not anymore?
Impending_Doom 2 months ago#91
I do, but it's slowly turning into less of a video game store and more of a toy store.
EternalWaltz 2 months ago#92
AzaneAzer posted...
I also had this weird interaction, where I walked into a Gamestop and everyone was wearing Anthem gear, and the whole store was branded for anthem, and the Gamestop employees had to pretend to love Anthem, and they all were "Talking" about how amazing Anthem was "Oh ya, it's the best game Ive ever Played, it's so good" which their "conversation" was perfectly timed for when I walked in ear shot to hear the shilling.

I felt so dirty for them, with how scummy that type of advertising abuse is, that I don't think I'll walk into a gamestop again.

paying 60$ (70 now, thanks to f***ing Whales) for Used, the fact they can trick so many dumbass sheep into actually paying for that, is hilarious, and sad. If a game is opened, it's Pre-owned.
I feel bad for them, they're probably forced to do s*** like that. The company is notorious for treating its employees badly
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dom316 2 months ago#93
My last purchases were my Series X Bundle & PS5 bundle. But besides that I don't really shop there.
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HentaiMan 2 months ago#94
never forget the famous LONG NECK employee in this commercial

https://youtu.be/XtyCvA8eN18 https://youtu.be/0_6lFkOg7ko
https://imgur.com/Mr374Y0 https://imgur.com/COylKWt
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