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  3. Do you still shop at GameStop or not anymore?

User Info: crazyray47

1 month ago#61
day_1_gamepass posted...
This is true.

Does Walmart sell $70 sony games at $60?
I wonder this myself. Dont see many ps5 games in the wild

User Info: HentaiMan

1 month ago#62
Dboss107 posted...
I get better deals elsewhere and their used games/cases are grimy yuck!

Their trade-ins are awful and I stopped getting rid of my games anyways. But when I did, ebay was far better.
this. DA comrade! I haven't stepped into a CrapStop since 2010 I think. everyone just goes to other stores, or online like Amazon, or buy digital games.

User Info: tonytonez

1 month ago#63
I picked up Nioh 2 for $13 about a week ago. Then recently bought the season pass $10 from the PS sale.

Games a blast so far.
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User Info: shotgunheadshot

1 month ago#64
Pretty crooked store prices are too high imo. I usually buy digital games but I do go in there sometimes before I catch the bus just to waste some time.
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User Info: Cynrascal

4 weeks ago#65
Yes. I have a better chance in readily getting a niche game that would catch my interest in a physical format from there than with most other areas. Got Ninja Wars from one of their stores last week and if I didn't buy Mary Skelter Finale directly from Iffy's website, I could have gotten a copy there as well.
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User Info: Red04

4 weeks ago#66
Nope they ceased their businesses in my country a couple of years ago lol. They were terrible compared to their competitors here in my city anyways in terms of store management and customer service.

User Info: captainjeff87

4 weeks ago#67
I go there once in awhile to check out their collectables/figures but can't remember the last time I bought an actual game there
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User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

4 weeks ago#68
Occasionally. These days it’s pretty much always online though, I haven’t been to one in person in years.
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User Info: Wildkatb

4 weeks ago#69
Not really. I dont like their opened "new" games, their used game prices are terrible compared to other options, the pre-owned consoles are in horrible often non-working condition and, the selection (new and used) has been greatly reduced in favor of toys and phone stuff.

The last GS purchases I made were black-friday deals.

User Info: rhoadsofrock

4 weeks ago#70
Hell no.

The last time I bought anything from Gamestop, was GTA V on PS3 the day it released back in 2013.

I either by my games from Amazon or anywhere else they're available, mainly Target or Best Buy (usually order online, but if I ever absolutely have to drive to one of the two stores, it's very rare or occasional).
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