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  3. Do you still shop at GameStop or not anymore?

User Info: Second_Hokage

1 month ago#1
If you still shop there, what keeps you coming back?

If you don't anymore, why did you stop?

User Info: akuma31

1 month ago#2
Nope. The one by my house closed down for good. I picked up SW Fallen Order PC for like 2.73 or something LOL! Even before then, I stopped shopping there a very very long time ago. Obviously I buy from Steam on PC. For consoles I either buy digitally on sale or physical copies from Amazon. There was simply no reason to ever go back to Gamestop. If I wanted to, I could resell my physical games on Amazon.
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User Info: Dboss107

1 month ago#3
I get better deals elsewhere and their used games/cases are grimy yuck!

Their trade-ins are awful and I stopped getting rid of my games anyways. But when I did, ebay was far better.

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User Info: JungleSouls

1 month ago#4
Online shopping made everything easier. No need to wait and have people hold up the lines just to buy a game.

User Info: CooperRC

1 month ago#5
I stopped going there many years ago because they tried to sell me a gutted copy of a game as a new copy.

User Info: Rhiethreal

1 month ago#6
Yes, just because there is one nearby, so it is convenient. I also only buy new games from them, and won't accept unsealed copies as new, so I am not getting ripped off by their used game prices.
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User Info: Tonyjaa

1 month ago#7
Hardly ever anymore. I find much better deals online, pawn shops, or at Trade It stores.

User Info: kidrobot

1 month ago#8
yeah but rarely nowadays
i get most i my stuff from amazon and "retro" things from ebay

User Info: Down_Time

1 month ago#9
Might be close to 10 years since I did ant business at an EB Games (Canadian GameStop).
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User Info: SepulturaGamer

1 month ago#10
Used to shop at Game Mania, my country’s equivalent. I went full digital late PS3 since I gameshare and save more money that way than with buying and reselling physical. I only do physical on Switch, but I just order those games online. Game stores are disappearing more and more in my country so they’re increasingly harder to find. The Netherlands loves its digital services, we don’t really do cash either.
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