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  3. how much alcohol do you drink?

User Info: accord

1 month ago#1
i drink 2-3 shots of whiskey every other day

User Info: Jx1010

1 month ago#2
Nothing lately.
Since coronavirus pandemic, havent seen my friends much so no more drinking.
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User Info: ROTTEN

1 month ago#3
accord posted...
i drink 2-3 shots of whiskey every other day
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User Info: pikey87

1 month ago#4
I have a craft beer with supper every night.
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User Info: silver_wolf80

1 month ago#5
I have a few drinks of whiskey/ginger ale a year and I only drink a few beer in the summer.

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

1 month ago#6
Not as much as Iā€™d like to, though more recently than I often do (a few boozes throughout the week).
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User Info: Tonyjaa

1 month ago#7
None. Never got into drinking.

User Info: Nicodimus

1 month ago#8
Less is more.

User Info: ErrorSupply

1 month ago#9
None. When I was younger I got very sick one time and since then I just can't get past the taste. I still pack a bowl every night though.
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User Info: ZzerosS

1 month ago#10
None. Stopped a long time ago, not worth the price of admission anymore.
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