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User Info: TheDukeNukedEm

3 weeks ago#1
It's on sale at the moment and I'm thinking about it.
Did you play it, and what were your likes and dislikes toward it?
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User Info: Bartboyblu

3 weeks ago#2
I played and platinumed it. Pretty cool (and difficult) challenge run tied to the plat. Solid souls-like, I give it an 8. Shell mechanic is unique. There’s an interesting/unique mechanic tied to consumables too. The story is pretty good, cryptic and minimal exposition just how I like it. The world is dreary and mysterious. Also the progression through the game is much like Dark Souls 1 with no direction or map and it’s non-linear so I loved that.

It’s a relatively short game and not much build variety so little replay value. Combat is sound, weighty and satisfying. I’d recommend it. I think it was $40 at launch so if I had to put a value on it I’d say $30 (or less) is about right.
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