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  3. Is 'For Honor' worth it w/out DLC?

User Info: TheLastBard

1 month ago#1
I'm browsing the PSN Store and For Honor is only $5, but there's million DLC/Season Passes.

Is the original 'For Honor' (that I didn't buy years ago for $60), even fun, or worth it anymore?

That's what I hate about these Live Service games. Unless you buy all the bulls*** along the way, it's not fun to play when you pick it up, """on-sale""".
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User Info: boomstickbhg

1 month ago#2
depends on what 'it' is.
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User Info: Ashburn

1 month ago#3
All of the characters can be unlocked over time. Most of the other DLC is just cosmetic stuff.
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User Info: Sleeppyy

1 month ago#4
Yeah it is IMO. You can play against bots if you like that sort of thing. If you’re playing it for just for a multiplayer game you should ask/see how many people still play.
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User Info: Nth

1 month ago#5
They just released a new character as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6osXOqQBOU
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  3. Is 'For Honor' worth it w/out DLC?
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