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  3. Are Gravity Rush games good?

User Info: Leo__87

3 weeks ago#1
As part of the Big in Japan sale, both games are for less than $10 each. I was always tempted to try them. Does anyone recommend them? Are they still good in 2020?

Also, is part 2 fine without the online components?

Any feedback will be appreciated :)

User Info: 1319_13055

3 weeks ago#2
Yes, they're very good.

User Info: ransoman

3 weeks ago#3
Yes. The controls are a little tricky to get the hang of but the story and music is amazing. The gameplay is pretty good but not groundbreaking and I love the take on an open world.
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User Info: Green_Dragons

3 weeks ago#4
No not at all. It gets praise here because once again it's "anime". Otherwise no it's a game with terrible characters, story and control.

Cheap presentation too.

User Info: knightmere122

3 weeks ago#5
I played the original on vita and it was trash. Never played the sequel though.
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User Info: Just_Wanna_Play

3 weeks ago#6
First game, yeah, it's fun. Second game? no.

User Info: ablerider

3 weeks ago#7
Yep, some of the most unique ps exclusives.

The online in 2 were just a few optional activities like taking pictures of treasures and leaderboards, you're not missing much but there was special currency that's no longer available so you'll miss a couple of costumes and some talismans. If you buy GR remastered you get legacy costumes in 2 so it's a good idea to get both.

User Info: Nia78

3 weeks ago#8
1 is excellent. I ragequit 2 because I played Raven's story first and certain boss battle was too hard for me.

User Info: starcrunch061

3 weeks ago#9
I only played the first one. It's OK. Kind of like the Be Sharps; it's fun the first time you play, and gets progressively less fun as you continue.

User Info: PJB-11

3 weeks ago#10
They are both great. Catchy music, fun environments, decent story. Maybe not if you get motion sickness easily, but otherwise, hell yeah. The only downside is that the story is told through freeze-frames and captions/comic book panels rather than voiced cut scenes.
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