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  3. Cyberpunk will probably be filled with politics.

User Info: Clouddffvii

4 weeks ago#1
Cyberpunk will probably be filled with politics.

We all already seen the haircuts but how whats still unknown is just how much left propaganda is this game expected to have? I'm asking because normally you can count on CDPR not including that cringy stuff but the latest videos has displaid a worrying amount of candy colorued haircuts, sjw style characters and people looking neither like men or females.

Sure there are also some sexy characters but almost all have that Fortnite look to them and I was expecting this game to stay dark and depressive in atmosphere for immersion. This leads me to wonder, how heavy is the s jw influence here? Has CDPR restrained american imfluence and cancer culture or have they been allowed to take a hold of the art direction?

The story looks decent so far but I'm genuinely worried with the candy like look of this game...it looks a bit like they shoehorned in modern politics etc...

User Info: Gambit916

4 weeks ago#2
I'm not worried about it. I hope it's a fun game.
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User Info: Gibberish5

4 weeks ago#3
Do people still use the term sjw? Huh.
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User Info: Yusif

4 weeks ago#4
You can’t be serious right? Do you even know what the “Cyberpunk” genre is?! It is about radical change of social order, the extremes of capitalism and government corruption and so on. Of course it is gonna have politics. That’s what the genre is about. And I don’t really care as long as the game is fun.
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User Info: j-tcc

4 weeks ago#5
Lol well duh?

But politics goes over most gamers head as they go "wow cool guns!".
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User Info: kanon951

4 weeks ago#7
Tell us more.

User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 weeks ago#8
Yes, definitely. Cyberpunk, as a literary genre, is of itself quite political.
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User Info: grampamurked

4 weeks ago#9
The developers already stated they have no intentions of getting into current politics and their game would not go down that path.
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User Info: Hello Hello

Hello Hello
4 weeks ago#10
The video game is based off of Cyberpunk 2020 which was very political. Cyberpunk, as a genre, is a critique of unrestrained capitalism and a prediction that corporate greed will lead to dystopia.

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  3. Cyberpunk will probably be filled with politics.
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