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  3. The 'Game of The Decade' thing isn't going to determine the game of the decade.


2 months ago#1
This is the first thingy-do l'm participating in on this site along those lines, and it's pretty much impossible to actually determine how it's going to go, not because I don't have the knowledge and experience to size up nearly every game on that list, but because there's so much bias and fanboyism (and/or antifanboyism) either for or against certain games or systems.

The two biggest examples are pretty much Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V. When people are voting, a lot of people aren't going to recognize the merits or the achievements of those games - They are going to think to themselves "Well, Bethesda are a******s, so it doesn't matter if they made some of the most amazing games ever, this one being the pinnacle - I'm going to vote for its opposition" and they probably won't even care what the opposition is, just so long as they can throw a wrench in its possible progress up the list. I'd imagine something similar is going to happen with Grand Theft Auto V. And, of course, there's a few other games there that have this point of contention, but whoever wins is not going to win by choosing which games have the most merit for moving on, but correctly predicting how the bias swings on this site.

That said, I actually made my choices on merit, so there's no f***ing way I'm going to win. But good luck to anyone who tried predicting peoples' bias in hopes of winning - This should be a pretty epic s***-show as this thing progresses!

User Info: FinalFantasyVII

2 months ago#2
How do people play GTA more than five minutes without being bored?

User Info: Hero3ziz

2 months ago#3
It’s The Witcher 3.

I swear I'm not insane. Yeah, most likely not insane.

User Info: johnny_pay

2 months ago#4
gamefaq's game/character battles are heavily influenced by outside sites. once reddit/4chan/resetera and i cant remember the 4th get behind a character they get pushed heavily and win. its how draven won, how undertale won, how L block won, its how any character/game that isnt link/LoZ has won.

User Info: lambchips

2 months ago#5
I hope Fortnite win.
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  3. The 'Game of The Decade' thing isn't going to determine the game of the decade.
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