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User Info: DiamondDogs

1 week ago#41
Gambit916 posted...
Good Good. I do have a huge backlog but it's getting worked on.

same here. I hope you get through yours
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User Info: hizumi84

1 week ago#42
cabcalloway1983 posted...
Call of Duty and Madden.
lol lmao...you can’t be serious.
I can’t take seriously a JRPG gamer who play CoD and Madden. Seems like you’re too “manly” to play JRPGs.

Back to topic, I like Doom, Bioshock, Assasins Creed and Far Cry series.
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User Info: TheZermoehrer

1 week ago#43
From Naughty Dog: Uncharted n TLoU
From Dice: Battlefield

Thats all...
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User Info: briguy

1 week ago#45
Elder Scrolls
Assassin's Creed

Nintendo and Microsoft for gen 9.

User Info: theshoveller

1 week ago#46
Duke Nukem
Kingdoms of Amalur
Mass Effect
Baldur's Gate
Elder Scrolls
Jedi Knight
Mechwarrior / Battletech

Probably some others I'm forgetting about.
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User Info: blasster

1 week ago#47
Prob generic answers, but; Mafia, Assassin Creed, GTA, Watch Dogs.

The thing is, Japanese are just better at making RPG, and Western are just better at making Open World Sandbox.

Once I accept that fact, and buy the "right" genre from the "right" developers, I think I pretty much enjoyed most of the game that I buy to this day.

Like, what I expect from Square-Enix is obviously RPG, and thus avoid their non-RPG games.

Tl;dr - Game studios just focus on one genre they are excels at, whether they are JP or Western developer. Pretty much that.
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User Info: SwordsmanOrion

1 week ago#48
I thought PS4 fans weren't allowed to like Japanese games anymore.
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User Info: AltOmega2

1 week ago#49
I like Japanese games and anime but my interest almost always go
good western stuff >= good Japanese stuff > mediocre Japanese stuff >>> mediocre western stuff
to specifically answer your question, StarCraft

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

1 week ago#50
Gambit916 posted...
I tend to play a bit of everything. Regardless of origin I enjoy good games.

If the game is well-made, I usually enjoy and buy it regardless the developers.
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