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  3. Game with the most impressive facial animations?

User Info: thepope_3290

3 days ago#1
Still Uncharted 4 imo

The Last of Us 2 will be astonishing
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User Info: DaDrkKnight

3 days ago#3
Death Stranding
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User Info: swablu

3 days ago#4
Believe it or not Heavenly Sword PS3 ...or L.A Noire
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User Info: Drethrake

3 days ago#5
swablu posted...
...or L.A Noire

This immediately came to mind lol.
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User Info: Conquerer

3 days ago#6
Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Lara is very expressive in that game, even with subtle expressions. I'm not sure I've seen another game do that stuff as well.
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User Info: SirBuckford

3 days ago#7
Yakuza has had stellar facial animations since Yakuza 3, which is a game from 2009 and still has better face animations than many games today. It's very impressive.
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User Info: digUbetterdead

3 days ago#8
LA Noire is great considering the lengths they took to make it so. That was the game's main selling point after all.
Red Dead Redemption 2 was pretty damned good as well, and yeah TLoU2 is going to be phenomenal.
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User Info: Tonyjaa

3 days ago#9
Uncharted 4 no contest. Followed by Witcher 3

User Info: bobaban

3 days ago#10
It’ll be TLoU2.
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