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  3. The senate is about to pass The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.
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User Info: Pulp

1 week ago#72
ChibiSoma posted...
I'll play moderator because apparently the actual moderators just don't give a f*** anymore on this board:

All of you are dumbf***s. No one gives two f***s and a wet s*** about your political affiliation, health status, personal feelings about chocolate milk, or what conspiracy theories you do or do not believe. If you can't be civil on this, a video game message board from the Old Days, then take it to PM, so at least the rest of us don't have to witness your petulant, childish b****-fits.

But this is specifically why I visit gamefaqs.
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1 week ago#73
My response to every political commentary in this topic:


User Info: 2015_Mustang

1 week ago#74
I love these topics, morons are so busy arguing about left and right that they don't realize that at the end of the day they all basically act the same and do the same things 😂

User Info: jdc6305

1 week ago#75
My family can use the money to cremate me if I get sick.

I've been a smoker for 30 year I'm not making it.

User Info: umbreon800

1 week ago#76
Rampagingwalrus posted...
I am not entirely familiar with how the systems work in the U.S., but to collect welfare, one would need to provide a name, and an address. Which would then just result in I.C.E. kicking in your door, and deporting you, and not handing you a cheque.

Also, working requires a social security number. Which a non-citizen is not going to have. So if they are working, then it is through no fault of their own, rather it is their employer who is commiting a crime, and illegally employing somebody.

Getting food stamps, as far as I am aware, not only requires giving the government your name, and address, but also requires you have a job. Which, means that not only is I.C.E. showing up to your door, but also somebody is illegally exploiting you.

So, how exactly, pray tell, would a non-citizen go about accomplish one of the above, let alone all three? Because I am confused as to how such a thing would be possible, let alone a "PROVEN" fact, as you claim.

None of those are required for illegals, you just wasted your time posting what is required for citizens. If illegals don't get what they want they'll claim unfair practices and racism.
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  3. The senate is about to pass The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.
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