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User Info: D4Thots

1 month ago#61
Zelda, not close either.
Woooooah, Elden Ring!
If I had to choose one game it would be Mau Mau

User Info: BlueSnow

1 month ago#62
finalrush7 posted...
The best game of all time... against Death f***ing Stranding?
Close this topic, and whoever voted for DS, close your accounts and stop gaming.

Lol, Nintendo craziness of this site in a nutshell.
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User Info: Dagger32

1 month ago#63
Ironneos99 posted...
Uneducated opinion. This guy certainly never played BotW.

There is more than 100 shrines scattered all over the map, each has their own puzzle except for the test of strength series. Also, most of the good stuff in the game like armor and upgrades requires you to explore the the map

There are 120 shrines. Guess I prefer towns and interacting with the people of the world over ....ANOTHER SHRINE. Every time you think you MIGHT find something interesting, it was just a shrine. No people. No interaction with the world. Just... another shrine. The world is not populated at all. Also, there was no point in completing the shrines. Sure you could collect armor and upgrades but, why? There was nothing in the game that required anything but basic equipment to defeat. Not to mention you could find an amazing weapon...

...and then it would just break.

I really wanted to like the game, but the very few towns/interactions, casual gameplay, and sub par story did not draw me in at all. Some of the shrine puzzles were interesting but after a while I had to ask myself why I was even bothering.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

1 month ago#64
I don’t like Zelda.

But Zelda.
For any whom this post happens to offend, I can get you a great deal on a spine.

User Info: Zelos_ToS

1 month ago#65
Well I platinum'd DS, but haven't managed to finish BotW after owning it since launch.

That said, I know Death Stranding isn't for everyone, but I definitely enjoyed it more than BotW.

For reference, the only other Kojima game I've finished is MGS1 and MGS3. I've beaten ALttP, Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Minish Cap, ALBW, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. So I'm not exactly biased toward Kojima.

User Info: NessaJ_TuN

1 month ago#66
MGS 5 is better than both of them though.

User Info: LeftiesRule

4 weeks ago#67
Death Stranding.

Zelda series is mediocre.
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