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User Info: RoundhouseKick

1 month ago#1
I like Spiderman. It's a fun game.

User Info: Retroxgamer0

1 month ago#2
megadimension neptunia 7

User Info: Oblivion476

1 month ago#3
The one with the guy who does the things.
i can shoot a whole load into a guys face and they just brush it off. - Psquared34

User Info: LuckyMouse

1 month ago#4
There are a lot, currently liking Knack 2.

User Info: binaryvegeta

1 month ago#5
Kept you waiting, huh?

User Info: BlueSnow

1 month ago#6
I'll give ya my top 30.

See sig.


Mega Nep VII
Fallout 4
Dragon's Dogma DA
Conan Exiles
7 Days to Die
Attack on Titan 1&2
Saint's Row 4
Akiba's Trip U&U
World End Syndrome
Chaos Child
Cyber Nep 4GO
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Best PS4 Games:
REmake, Evil Within 1&2, RE0, RE CVX, Cold Steel 1-3, Steins;Gate 0/Elite/LBP/MDE, Persona 5, Tokyo Xanadu, Onechanbara Z2C, Nier;Automata.

User Info: leeman3104

1 month ago#7
LuckyMouse posted...
There are a lot
this. i've got like f***ing 80+ games, man.

i'll give you a list though, because if i'm worth anything, it's being a wordy, pedantic prick in order to waste my own time.

top of the list, dying light, because i got back into it today:
love this game, particularly because it's got a decent open world (not too big, and not f***ing empty as s***, either), and it's got an interesting take on the sort of horror/survival ish scene, resident evil's got zombies, but you're pretty much always prepared to handle them, the game usually doesn't throw too many at you, and if it does, you're probably not meant to kill them all: dying light? f*** that. zombies for days. you're not meant to kill them either, really, you're meant to mostly avoid them, cause you can't fight off like hundreds of zombies. it's very parkour ish, you're more meant to outmanuever them, and honestly it almost feels the best when you're the weakest you can be.

disgaea 5 a nice long tactical rpg with plenty of postgame and grinding, disgaea 5 kinda fails in story, for me, too many anime tropes when i miss the dark humor, but excels in gameplay mechanics and whatnot.

siralim 3 (and earlier ones) a nice indie game with pixel graphics and randomly generated maps, that's like a SMT\pokemon recruit the foes to fight for you game, with a lot of customize your build potential (all the monsters have abilities that can synergize with stuff, your chosen mage can add to that synergy, you can give the monsters extra abilities, and customized equipment and spells, etc) added benefit it scales indefinitely, there is no level cap or end.

ffx\x-2 and ff12: rereleases of older good FF games on the ps2 with the international upgrades

borderlands series: not into FPS in general but i'll be fine with a good loot based action RPG that happens to be a shooter

diablo 3: speaking of loot based games a pretty good one
(see also path of exile or victor cran and van helsing for indie similar games)

skyrim\fallout 4: bethesda has issues and glitches but hey they do tend to make a good open world game with good open worlds some the best in the business (and there's been a lot of 'good' games with s***ty open worlds this gen)

bloodstained ritual of the night: holy f*** it's basically castlevania aria\dawn of sorrow taken to the next level massive fan of those kind of games more specifically the 'soul' subset of the castlevania games and great metroidvania in general

dragon quest 11: great 'classic' ish turn based rpg

dragon's dogma dark arisen: really nice action rpg love that it's got some different class options (and they're not just slight differences + melee combat)

warriors orochi 4\berserk\pirate warriors 3: sometimes it's fun to just tear through an entire army

earthlock\elex\greedfall - some more indie games last two kinda jank but still good

https://imgur.com/a/cZzvkKn jrpg is referring to a genre, not the location it was made.
https://imgur.com/a/QjeVqSD me versus sjw/antisjw/censorship stuff

User Info: Retroxgamer0

1 month ago#8

User Info: AltOmega2

1 month ago#9
I hate everything

User Info: Sasquatch462

1 month ago#10
Nier Automata and DMC5
Most hyped games: DOOM Eternal, Lost Soul Aside, Bayonetta 3, Tales of Arise, Witchfire, Granblue ReLink, FF7, RE3, Maneater, TREPANG2, P5 Royal and Scramble.
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