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User Info: ShinWesker

4 weeks ago#1
Monster Hunter series:

I really like the concept but the gameplay is just horrible to me. How can people like the gameplay? There is MH clone on 3ds with final fantasy. That one was a lot better.

Ace Combat:

Great visuals. Great music. Gameplay is just meh to me. Doesn't hook me. Never finished a game of this series.

User Info: boomstickbhg

4 weeks ago#2
Dark Souls.
modern GTA

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User Info: Doober2

4 weeks ago#3
Dark Souls - Tried Dark Souls 3, Demon Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. None of them kept me interested for more than 5-10 hours

Kingdom Hearts I guess - I played and finished the first. Was bored out of my mind with the 2nd. Wouldn't be against giving the franchise another go sometime though

Pokemon - Tried Pokemon Fire Red on GBA (which many would say is one of the best pokemon games). I just found it really tedious
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User Info: QueezZeenart

4 weeks ago#4
The Witcher
Kingdom Hearts
Call of Duty

User Info: random_man9119

4 weeks ago#5
ShinWesker posted...
There is MH clone on 3ds with final fantasy. That one was a lot better

Final Fantasy Explorers? Not sure how it was better than MH when the combat was boring...
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User Info: da_StoOge

4 weeks ago#6

I bought ‘em all recently but I keep playing them wrong. As soon as I stuff up and ruin a perfect run I get all upset.

I probably need to stick with it and just keep replaying levels until I master them, but it’s the type of series that drives my OCD insane.
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User Info: Kyrylo

4 weeks ago#7
Assasin's Creed
Military shooters
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User Info: TeamSilent4Life

4 weeks ago#8
Borderlands - Boring generic loot shooter, dont see the appeal

Kingdom hearts - Finished the 1st, skipped Recom, nearly finished the 2nd but have no desire for it. Theres no balanced difficulty, its either easy as pie or hard as nails. Im on normal & its so boring yet everyone says the 2nd is the best...

Final Fantasy - Tried X hated it, tried 9 found it boring. Such a dull series & I hate the turn based gameplay thats represented in these games.

Nioh - Played it till after the 1st boss then gave up, its a complete souls rip off & doesnt come close to the quality of From softwares games.

User Info: Havik

4 weeks ago#9
Souls(Aside from Bloodborne)
Final Fantasy
Sports Games

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User Info: olvit

4 weeks ago#10
I like rpg genre and the idea of catching and raising them all appeal to me, but after many tries I couldn't get into pokemon series. The graphic style and cartoon like monsters is a turn off. Prefer persona and smt more; they deserve more attention and fans, imo.

Zelda. Tried a few on 3ds, and couldn't understand what was so great about the series at all. Tried botw on friends' switches a few times as well, still puzzled why there was so much hype around the game. Not my jazz.
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