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User Info: BlakOut-

1 week ago#21
InfinityOver0 posted...
Agreed. its the ff13 of star ocean

Lol no way FF13 is one of the best FF. Say what you want about hallway simulator atleast it was an amazing one. The story was great, great characters, well paced game, fantastic battle system, challenging battles, amazing graphics, etc... SO5 has alot of problems. Lack of cutscenes, characters are bland, bad level design, story is basic, and odd design choices throughout the game. Only good thing about it is the battle system is fun and has some interesting ideas behind it. Thats about it.

User Info: kaimine08

1 week ago#22
I wouldn't say it's bad. Certainly not good but I've definitely played worse this gen.

Honestly, the idea is solid. You, an earthling, visit an underdeveloped planet, make friends with the aliens, and go to different planets with said friends solving problems and having adventures. It has the potential to be awesome. Why they always fall flat is beyond me.
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User Info: psycofang

1 week ago#23
kaimine08 posted...
Why they always fall flat is beyond me.
In SO5s case it was that there was nothing to hook you, there was very little planetary exposure, the characters were so one note and flat that i had trouble caring about them at all.

Grinding for rng materials to complete side quests got old, the combat tap/hold mechanics made comboing skills coupled with the offensive/defensive guage punishments just made things beyond tedious that i avoided fights as much as possible because it effectively came down to negative edging 2 skills using Fiore or Miki to get a decent time invested reward.

The uninteresting combat mixed with uninteresting world made it a slog to play through.

Hell CRYSTAR had mundane combat but managed to have a far better story on a much lower budget.

SO5 is a pretty game but imo and i never sqy this lightly Graphics and Fiore were wll that really existed in that game. Why they went the route that they did ill never understand.
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User Info: leeman3104

1 week ago#24
Snake_eyebrows posted...
3 is my favorite. 4 was terrible. 5 wasn't that bad.

this, probably.

1 was pretty damn awesome, love the s*** out of it.

2 was pretty good, but i didn't get that into it, tbh.

3 was also pretty awesome, s***ty plot twist, but other than that, fine.

4 i f***ing hated, for a few reasons. a) some of the bosses, like the grigori early ish game, were entirely bulls***, even for a SO game. the very first boss is taking nick damage for like 95% of the f***ing fight, when you don't have much in the way of resources. ironically the strongest grigori is by far the easiest fight.
b) kinda was too disconnected half the game, felt like. people give 5 s*** for not planet hopping, but NONE of them besides 4 did that a ton. 2 had a change, 3 had some changes but like 85% of the game's on one planet, and same with 5. 4's the only one that had like half the game in different locations, then another half mostly focused on one planet.
c) what the f*** is up with the little kid? i know SO has a thing for putting kids in as playable characters in their games, but jesus f***, did she need to be mentally disabled? you can't even choose to avoid recruiting her to make sure you never have to see her ever again.
d) the story, to some degree. did we really need TWO characters have a mental breakdown and become annoying as s***, on top of THE worst character in the series?

5 wasn't nearly as bad as people seem to act like it was. sure, it was sorta annoying with it's sidequests making you backtrack some, but it's not like backtracking's never been in the series. so you're mostly on one planet, like every other game besides 4 (2's mostly on two planets, but you're still not planet hopping much).

another thing is, this isn't a triple a series, either. and not unlike the FF series, they like to try different s*** with most installments, while still keeping some stuff. and no game's perfect or anything.
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User Info: Ryuukishin

1 week ago#25
LOL @Lymlehating still in 2019. Never change people, never change.

User Info: psycofang

1 week ago#26
leeman3104 posted...
what the f*** is up with the little kid?
Honestly she was the weirdest thing ever. Her back story had zero reason to make her 15 but keep her physically 6. Somehow taking in all the hatred and fear caused her to mentally shut down to the point she doesnt age ?

I mean ive heard of people not growing due to trauma but like what the f*** lol

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User Info: OmniChris

1 week ago#27
5 was indeed pretty trash, I had to force myself through that game.. I wish they'd give this franchise to some actual talented developers, cause star ocean always had a lot of potential but they treat it like trash. I am interested to see what Star Ocean First Depature R is like though, never played that one.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: lambchips

1 week ago#28
SO5 is great, you're just playing it wrong.. Go back to Fortnite or some kiddie game because games like Star Ocean is too deep for you.
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User Info: Newser

1 week ago#29
Still leagues better than FFXV.

User Info: KurzWeber72

1 week ago#30
Can't see how it could possibly be worse than Star Ocean 3
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