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  3. Been enjoying Spyro reignited trilogy. Hungry for another platformer.

User Info: Beyond01

2 weeks ago#1
I have:

Sonic Mania
Rayman Legends
Crash N Sane Trilogy

I’ve been eyeballing Yooka Laylee but don’t want to pay 40 for it. A hat In Time has a bad reputation on the PS4, bad framerate? I’ve also been eyeballing Sonic Forces.

I dunno. It’s hard to come by a quality platformer these days. Slim pickins.
Here we go

User Info: TheReaSolCutter

2 weeks ago#2
The new Star Wars game is mostly a platformer.

Both Yooka Laylee's are good but I much prefer the second. I hadn't noticed a framearte issue on Hat in Time but I didn't like it as much as most.

There are actually very very many good platformers on PS4. There's an indie called Candle I was playing the other day. Another is HOB, which is equal parts platformer and action adventure. Also, Fez for Puzzles, Steam World Dig 2 maybe.

User Info: Krazy_Kirby

2 weeks ago#3
yooka laylee
Kill From The Shadows.

User Info: w133

2 weeks ago#4
I highly recommended YL: impossible lair and A hat in time.
Never noticed any performance issues from the latter.

User Info: Azardea

2 weeks ago#5
I'm one of the people experiencing performance issues in Hat in Time, but it wasn't anything too major. It was a bit stuttery most of the time with some frame drops here and there, and I had a crash, but otherwise it was enjoyable.

User Info: GamersLoft

2 weeks ago#6
Newt One is a really good 3D platformer, but it's strictly platforming, no real story or missions.
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User Info: flkid

2 weeks ago#7
Hollow Knight perhaps? Its not a pure platformer but has some ball busting sections and levels. Great combat and game too.
PSN: DarkVelstadt
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  3. Been enjoying Spyro reignited trilogy. Hungry for another platformer.
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