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  3. Jedi Fallen Order copies Dark Souls bonfires, but how does it explain respawn?

User Info: Yuri_LowelI

3 weeks ago#31
Terantatek posted...
ChaoticNeutral posted...
How mad will you be when this exceeds expectations?

Already hearing from people who got it early that they're 20 or 30 hrs into the game and dont feel like it's near the end. And that areas intersect like the first Dark Souls game. If so then this game is gonna be a huge hit. Not to mention Star Wars > anything anime.

Dark souls isn’t anime

Unless you were talking Code vein. And code vein was an average game

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 weeks ago#32
Because it's a Videogame.

User Info: nurnberg

3 weeks ago#33
AzaneAzer posted...
Because it's a Videogame.

User Info: SophaerLam

3 weeks ago#34
If the protagonist is strong at force projecticting his image to make troops actually think that he's killing them in real life, that would be the only explanation of having a bonfire in the Star Wars universe.

User Info: Wyrme24

3 weeks ago#35
Terantatek posted...
Nothing resistant as far as I remember. Just shields to lessen damage from energy. But nothing to resist it.
They didn't really add things that were lightsaber resistant in the 'real' old EU until after KotOR 1 and 2 came and went. Even then, it's only some kind of specially woven metallic armor that I can't remember, a parasitic crustacean armor that was only involved with Darth Bane, and whatever s***e thing they cobbled up for the Yuuzhan Vong that also blocked lightsabers.
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User Info: Riversands

3 weeks ago#37
Unit7 posted...
It’s a Jedi’s Meditation + Using the Force to sense what’s around you. An ability that allows them to play out a scenario as many times as they need until they get it right.

When you die in Fallen Order, you are not actually dying. You are not actually moving beyond the Bonfire. It’s all a very elaborate hallucination... vision... thing.

Because of how important you are to whatever it is, you play the scenario over and over until you have over come the challenge and obstacles ahead. If you die, you know better for the next run.

When end you reach the next Bonfire is when you actually go through the area physically for the first time.

So the enemies are not respawning, they are not reinforcements because you haven’t killed him them yet.

This is why you never challenge a Jedi to chess, they can play out any number
of scenarios of the game to the point they’ll know how to counter your every move.

Well that’s how i’d go about it or something similar if I had to explain it.

That actually makes sense
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User Info: RingsOfUranus

3 weeks ago#38
We used to call them "save points"
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