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  3. I have the new Grid racing game. What is the best ps4 car racing game.

User Info: cstiffler_basic

1 month ago#1
I was thinking GT sport only it doesn't have damage. or does it GT never did in the past.

User Info: OZ_Archangel

1 month ago#2
what colors are available for the dodge viper or team liveries?
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User Info: d_parker

1 month ago#3

User Info: Snake_eyebrows

1 month ago#4
Project Cars 2 is pretty good.

User Info: Kickflip

1 month ago#5
Dirt Rally

Haven't played 2.0 yet tho
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User Info: Marius789

1 month ago#6
GTS and Dirt Rally in VR.

Edit: there is a setting to allow some damage but it’s mainly mechanical.
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User Info: Thermador446

1 month ago#7
Battlefield Hardline.
i've honestly enjoyed hotwire mode more than any other racing game this gen
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User Info: userfrigginame

1 month ago#8
Right now, I like F1 the most.

User Info: dankanefan

1 month ago#9
I'm a huge racing game fan and play almost every one of them. My favorites are Wreckfest and Gravel. GT Sport is also excellent, though it's taken some time to get there and requires large amounts of data now. I also really enjoy Grip, CTR and Dirt 4. And of course Burnout Paradise Remastered is amazing.
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User Info: Conquerer

1 month ago#10
F1 2019

Easy 9/10 game for me and the most fun I've had with a racing game on PS4. I'm currently 17 races through my 100% distance season on 100 AI and having a total blast.
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  3. I have the new Grid racing game. What is the best ps4 car racing game.
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