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Nath1343 2 years ago#1
Skyrim vs The Witcher 3 - Results (242 votes)
42.98% (104 votes)
The Witcher 3
57.02% (138 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Two of the most highly acclaimed WRPGs of the century, and two of my favourite games of all time.

Which one was better for its time, and why?
kilaude 2 years ago#2
I tried getting into Skyrim several times and could never do it. Found the world extremely bland and boring. Also heard that the story is lackluster and I need a good story in my games.

Witcher all the way.
Great_Khan 2 years ago#3
Witcher 3 by an unimagineable margin, and skyrim is pretty good. Skyrim has better crafting and a more rewarding sense of "f*** off a go whereever", but witcher has faster, more exciting, visually superior combat against cooler and more varied enemies, better visuals, better acting, better characters, better scripting, a standard of sidequest complexity that makes Skyrim feel positively ancient, better music, better locales and cities, better lore and better directed exploration.

It isn't close, Witcher 3 elevated the standards that Bethesda grade stuff was no longer acceptable. Witcher 3 is an engaging epic, Skyrim is an addictive skinner box.
Kyle2516 2 years ago#4
Skyrim easily. Witcher 3 is the better game right now, but if we are going better for it's time then Skyrim wins. Game was so great it has had multiple iterations over the last 10 years. It did not age well following that generation, possibly because of how games, specifically RPGs, have evolved. But Skyrim is easily the game of the decade.

With that said, Witcher 3 is my game of the gen this gen.
NellytheHoof 2 years ago#5
Skyrim for me. It felt so much more like a living, breathing world. I genuinely believed that every single NPC I saw had a life, a routine, and a story. Along with the encouragement to go and discover things for yourself instead of markers on the map showing you where everything of note was, it really helped with the immersion and made it a unique experience.

Witcher 3 was much more in the vein of these needlessly big games that have to pad out the map with faceless NPCs and the same old points of interest quests every few steps. It just never gave me that same wow-factor, as it constantly made me aware that this was just a game world where everything revolved around me.
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Triod 2 years ago#6
Well let's see. Witcher 3 has much better story, characters, lore, side content, exploration and even combat. I'd say that it's a better game. The only thing skyrim got going for it is mods though bethesda working hard to f*** that up with paid mods (AKA MTX), other than that it's just the latest, dumbed down elder scrolls game.
Doober2 2 years ago#7
Witcher 3

Tried several times to get into Skyrim after enjoying Oblivion so much, even trying out different mods and couldn't enjoy it, it just felt soulless to me. Witcher 3 on the otherhand gripped me right away and I've completed it 4 times since it came out and would love to play it again sometime
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simonbelmont2 2 years ago#8
I think Witcher 3 is a better game but I prefer Skyrim. I couldn't get into Witcher but I've played hundreds of hours of Skyrim.

What makes Skyrim fun is the sandbox elements in my opinion. I can ignore the main plot, join a guild and spend hours being an assassin, thief etc. Mods make that even better. There aren't many other big games which offer that.

I also think when people compare Skyrim to other games and Skyrim loses they often disregard Skyrim's sandbox elements.
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Kolgrim 2 years ago#9
Skyrim is only interesting when you throw 200 plus mods into it. Witcher 3 draws you in instantly.
KaijuKing97 2 years ago#10
Skyrim is better in every way except graphics and technical specs.

I gave Witcher 3 about 20 hours and honestly cannot see how it's the "Greatest game of this generation", or "Greatest game ever made". it's vastly overrated, IMO.
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