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  3. Why do mist RPGs, even the beat ones, have mediocre gameplay?

User Info: Wyrme24

4 weeks ago#31
SuperSynMusashi posted...
user-2 posted...
Turn based combat is relaxing yet fun and will always have a place in gaming

Fixed it for ya.

Agree, turn-based RPGs, JRPGs, and strategic RPGs (all roughly the same, but different to me) are my second favorite genre to play and highly fun, enjoyable, and nearly always worth the monies spent to play.
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User Info: Rant_Casey

4 weeks ago#32
I consider turn based RPGs to be a superior form of game play to action based game play, one I enjoy more. Everyone's preferences differ.

User Info: KotomineKirei

4 weeks ago#33
Wyrme24 posted...
KotomineKirei posted...
Sasquatch462 posted...
Because more priority and resources get put into the story and RPG elements. If you want to play a Western RPG that actually has good gameplay, I suggest picking up Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning.

I second this, and I think that it is unfortunate that it will likely be a very long time before there is a sequel, if THQ Nordic even makes one.

KoA will never get a sequel. It's development studio is no more and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans helped ensure it will not be grabbed by another studio, iirc. Isn't it the Todd MacFarlane backed action rpg? I know a 'popular' comic creator was behind the studio's founding and dissolution. His business partner and primary investor was a MLB player. Lol, not a terribke game, but not a great game or classic either. More like an underappreciated under the radar gem

THQ Nordic bought the rights to the game/series from 38 Studios, I think.
Also, yes, Todd McFarlane (known for Spawn and The Amazing Spider-Man) as well as some other well-known people worked on the game.

Anyway, I think that it was a pretty good game.
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User Info: Revenanced

4 weeks ago#34
v0idStrike posted...

turn based combat allows for deep and strategic battles especially against bosses and in the endgame fights

I totally agree with you that turn based combat for bosses and rare encounters can provide strategies that require near perfection! And that can not only be fun but extremely satisfying when you overcome an encounter. I'm the sort of person who enjoys the megabosses at the end of Final Fantasy games or the optional bosses that not everyone is interested in. I completely understand that there is much to be gleaned in these situations.

But let's face it, most combat in turn based games are laughably easy, even near the endgame when the characters become incredibly strong. It's really difficult for me to gain any sort of satisfaction from these easy, tank and spank encounters. And that's what a large majority of people are arguing here: "Turn based combat is satisfying and fun." Surely they mean, "I want an absolutely easy game that will allow me to dominate without the fear of failure."

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User Info: VayneSolo

4 weeks ago#35
What would be bad gameplay and good gameplay?

User Info: NuclearHendrix

4 weeks ago#36
Revenanced posted...
Personally, I think turn based combat is what makes a game boring. And the only way it's made entertaining is by making things excessively difficult. Or adding mechanics that cause a game over from "basic" encounters. Turn Based combat is the kind of gameplay people like because it's mind numbingly easy, it requires absolutely no brain power. Furthermore, it rarely rewards you for playing well aside from taking less damage. There's no "high risk, high reward" or decisions that you make on the fly, which can add to the flavor of a game.

And yet... people love Turn Based combat. I've always assumed they just have low standards.

lol, that's why even real life military generals play turn-based war games.

You can get by with button mashing in pretty much every game with action combat.
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User Info: D4Thots

4 weeks ago#37
NuclearHendrix posted...
You can get by with button mashing in pretty much every game with action combat

Only in the bad ones or on easier difficulties.
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  3. Why do mist RPGs, even the beat ones, have mediocre gameplay?
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