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  3. actions rpgs where it's fun to play as caster/mage?

User Info: Great_Khan

1 month ago#31
Dragon's Dogma has some pretty versatile mageing. There's like 8 moves on hand at all times, and some pretty fun levitation. I don't rate the game much, but it's probably the smoothest action mage gameplay I've experienced.

User Info: Slayer_22

1 month ago#32
DualArms posted...
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

This easily.

There are various types of mage you can be, including the hybrid classes(magic archer being the best in the game).
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User Info: simonbelmont2

1 month ago#33
Dragon's Dogma - Some of the spells are visually impressive, fun to use and the sort of spells I've never seen in another game. The game also has some unique hybrid classes. It also offers abilities that improve player mobility like levitation over short distances.

Skyrim isn't bad as it also has some spell variety. With mods it's a lot better and you get access to stronger spells. It also has shouts which are quite unique. There's even a mod which adds flying spells like a magic carpet.
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User Info: VegaGG

1 month ago#34
Diablo 3

User Info: babyeatermax

1 month ago#35
Beers posted...
babyeatermax posted...
Beers posted...
Sammycakes88 posted...
Beers posted...
Skyrim on the hardest difficulty. 😎
But magic is super under powered.....sounds awful🛀

Magic isn't underpowered though. That's just what scrubs will tell you.

It's what anyone who plays Skyrim without mods will tell you

Oh, are you one of the scrubs?

Nope. Skyrim is an extremely easy game but playing it as a mage character is still manages to be a miserable experience
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User Info: rafamaximo

1 month ago#36
Playable in PS4? None. If you're willing to dust off your old PS3? Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
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User Info: DartDragoon

1 month ago#37
Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Crown
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User Info: OldSnakeLiveon8

1 month ago#38
Skyrim isn't a RPG. Stop suggesting it.

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
1 month ago#39
OldSnakeLiveon8 posted...
Skyrim isn't a RPG. Stop suggesting it.

it is,more then some other RPGs out there

User Info: Limelol

1 month ago#40
Dragon's Dogma
There are two main ways to play: Holy-buffed Charged Shot which is incredibly mobile, or an almost-stationary long-casting mage that unleashes devastating effects, but will still be less DPS than charged shot.

Want to be a mage that makes your own spells? This is the game for you. Oblivion has spellmaking too, but the list of spells are less unique. The side effect of Morrowind is that spells can fail to cast, dependent on your skills, as well as Magicka Regen not being a thing outside of mods (you can rest to regain MP and you can rest basically anywhere).

It gives up 90% of the unique effects that Oblivion and Morrowind had but introduces a much more weighty casting playstyle. Dual-casting turned out to be pretty good and alot of the Quality-of-Life changes made to the series are typically appreciated by most gamers these days.

Basically the half-way point between the two. If Morrowind is too dated, but you don't want Skyrim's streamlining, this is the stop for you.

Path of Exile
I can't really sell this beyond saying, "you just have to play it".
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