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  3. Dragon's Dogma is on sale, is it worth it?

User Info: satm

1 month ago#1

I've heard many great things and tried it out back on last gen for a couple of hours, it was ok but it had black borders at the top and bottom of the screen, I heard they fixed it.

User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

1 month ago#2
Absolutely worth it.
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User Info: Kickflip

1 month ago#3
Dragon's Dogma is always worth it.

User Info: kidrobot

1 month ago#4
skip it
why start now

User Info: Troutfisch

1 month ago#5
Absolutely, Dragon's Dogma with the Dark Arisen expansion is an awesome experience. The pawn system is unique and the combat is among the best when it comes to open world RPGs.

Truly wish Capcom would greenlight a sequel already.
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User Info: Proletarian

1 month ago#6
Yeah, great game, especially if you’re a scale-hound like me and like the idea of climbing enemies a la SotC.
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User Info: Nicodimus

1 month ago#7
f*** yeah! On my top 10 games of all time, over the last 42 years.

Pawn system is great, combat is tight, BBI is great, good music, one of the best day/night cycles I've ever seen, I could go on.
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User Info: Quan__Cheap

1 month ago#8
Game is super fun. The combat is amazing and so many different ”classes”

Also if you buy the game, make sure to put companions on mute from the settings. Companion voice lines are hilariously bad, and not in a good way
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User Info: Great_Khan

1 month ago#9
I didn't like it but it's worth a go cheap. Kinda depends on how much s*** you're willing to put up with for a fun combat system.

On the player side there's an absolute s***load of build and move options and your variety of techniques is outstanding for a fantasy OW RPG. You can also climb around on stuff, although most enemies are more easily handled by just wailing on them, still fun to do though.

On the other hand damage scaling is completely f***ed and it has infinite pause healing so how well you perform is secondary to just having numbers in your favour or vice versa. Movement around the world is f***ing annoying due to the glacial stamina recharge and short sprint windows. The overarching lore is pretty cool, but the entire plot is off topic fetch questing until post-game. The menus and inventory management are some of the worst I've ever seen with countless trips into and out of menus since functions are so limited to specific windows.

I did enjoy fights where it felt fairly balanced (Ie takes more than one combo to kill an enemy, but less than six minutes) a lot, but there were only like, 7 of them all game for me. 95% of my time with the game was a slog.

User Info: Crysiania

1 month ago#10
One of my favourite games of all time.
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