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  3. Will FFXIII and XV be considered good games many years from now?

User Info: DorkSoul

3 weeks ago#1
When FFVIII came out everyone said it was a piece of s***. Then IX and X came out and they were amazing. Then XII happened and the game was considered a turd.

After FFXIII came out suddenly everyone loves VIII and XII? Will XIII and XV get the same treatment years later?

User Info: Jason_Hudson

3 weeks ago#2
Time may soften opinions to them, yes. Personally, I liked FFXIII anyway, but I'm seeing a lot more people already saying that it wasn't all that bad. Guess they compared it to XV.
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User Info: gtomanga

3 weeks ago#3
to be honest i didn't really know that FF8 was hated on until i saw the spoony-one review.
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User Info: nedmo0000

3 weeks ago#4
XIII was the biggest example of how to NOT make a linear game it was garbage
XV was the biggest example of how treating your game as a cash grab destroys all the potential that it has
i would score XIII 4/10 and XV RE 7/10
VIII had its clear flaws but it was ok i honestly prefer it over IX

User Info: BlueDsc

3 weeks ago#5
I'm still not big on VIII and XII, so I doubt me not liking XIII will change any time soon. Haven't actually played XV outside of that old demo so I can't comment there.

User Info: Thor61

3 weeks ago#6
FF VIII got great reviews. It's only problem was that it came after Final Fantasy VII and many people consider that a top 5 game of all time. Up until Fantasy 12 the series had a reputation of being a candidate for game of the year sometimes game of the generation. Final Fantasy 13 changed all of that and Final Fantasy 15 didn't help.

User Info: Relinquished

3 weeks ago#7
DorkSoul posted...
When FFVIII came out everyone said it was a piece of s***. Then IX came out and it was amazing

Yeah no. This kind of deluded drivel is why people can’t stand IX fanboys.

The cold hard reality is your obscure game remains completely overshadowed by every game after it, whether it be in popularity, sales, or quality. Your own warped beliefs are irrelevant.
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User Info: jorgeammo

3 weeks ago#8
I series progressively gets worse like they have been, then maybe some people could change their opinion of them.

I'm indifferent about XIII, but hated XV.

User Info: InfinityOver0

3 weeks ago#9
No. FF2 was s*** 30 years ago and it's s*** now. Itll be the same way for 13 and 15.
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User Info: Kiryun

3 weeks ago#10
I doubt it. It seems like a lot of FF's old fans were hoping for SE to do something new and unique with 15 that could relight the flame they once had for the series. It failed to do that and now they're bitter and angry at 15 for not being exactly what they wanted

The truth is of course, it is good, it just failed to live up to their expectations.

Hard to say with 13, while I enjoyed them I can genuinely say they're not great.
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