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User Info: TwerkQueen

4 weeks ago#1
I know a lot of people go around calling Sony "arrogant" for not offering AAA-games on PS+, for not showing up at E3, and for other reasons... but... the fact of the matter is, Sony isn't being "arrogant". They're just not relying on gimmicks like Nintendo and Microsoft are.

For instance, take a look at Microsoft and their Game Pass service. What is it really? It's just a buncha cheap 3rd party games and a handful of "meh" exclusives. In theory, the service sounds great, but in reality, it's mediocre as hell. Basically, it's just another gimmick.

Then take a look at Nintendo. All of their games and consoles are so gimmicky. Their exclusives are just variations (taking advantage of the gimmicks of the new system) of already existing IPs that have been milked to death.

However, Sony is innovating sheerly through offering new FANTASTIC & high-quality AAA-games. Their Insomniac acquisition is proof of that. While the other 2 big gaming companies go around looking for new gimmicks to promote, Sony is focusing solely on getting FUN games to the consumer. That's why they don't need to offer a lot of value through PS+, that's why they don't need to show up at press conferences, that's why they don't need to offer many sales. They have incredible exclusives that are coming out that people want to buy, and that's all that matters in the end.

User Info: EvilGiygas

4 weeks ago#2
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User Info: kidrobot

4 weeks ago#3
EvilGiygas posted...
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User Info: Zombody2

4 weeks ago#4

They rely on the same template for all their exclusives. Super serious, third person, forced walking, narrative experiences that all basically look the same.

I could go on to counter everything else you said but you seem desperate, worried, and you’re just not gonna let anything through that defence you’ve put up.
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User Info: TruthBomber21

4 weeks ago#5
Sony is a trend follower. They are just sitting back waiting for the next big thing so they can copy that too.

Sony copied gamepass with ps now, only difference is ps now sucks.

Sony didnt go to E3 because they didnt have a bunch of games to show.

Sony is relying on brand whores being brand whores

User Info: Limelol

4 weeks ago#6
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User Info: gtomanga

4 weeks ago#7
yes they do, you just haven't noticed yet.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 weeks ago#8
Wow. This topic doesn't seem like it was created by a Sony fanboy at all.
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User Info: Miu_san

4 weeks ago#9

User Info: Aiden5576

4 weeks ago#10
If you don't think the DS4 lightbar is a gimmick, then I don't know what to tell you.
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