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User Info: Doober2

1 month ago#11

But yeah I wouldn't be surprised if DA4 turns out to be an MMO tbh.
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User Info: KenshiroX

1 month ago#12
How about Microsoft just buys Bioware? I'll buy a XBOX One for that.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

1 month ago#13
It's unfortunate people seriously expected Dragon Age 4 to be any good after Inquisition.

User Info: Sbee

1 month ago#14
Has anyone made a chart of the longtime employees that have left in the last 2 years or so? I’m curious at the tally.
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User Info: kanon951

1 month ago#15
KenshiroX posted...
How about Microsoft just buys Bioware? I'll buy a XBOX One for that.

The Bioware we once knew is dead. All the talent left.

User Info: bobaban

1 month ago#16
Inquisition and Andromeda were decent games. They definitely didn’t set the bar or anything, which is something BW used to do.

User Info: kidrobot

1 month ago#17
KuzefromYakuza0 posted...
I honestly believe that DA4 will be DOA. Rumors of it being built on Anthems coding and it being a live service just kills any hype I have for it. At least we still have their old stuff to go back to and enjoy.

they should remaster dragon age origins
its the best one in the series
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User Info: MWXIII

1 month ago#18
Armyofone posted...
As soon as I heard DA 4 is a direct sequel to Inquisition I lost interest, cause the last game was a snooze fest

That game was so boring I couldnt make a dent in it.
I really wanted to enjoy it, I really did but I just didnt
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User Info: Hyperion_Dark

1 month ago#19
Dragon Age has been complete garbage after the 1st game. I heard they were trying to make to even more woke.
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User Info: singhellotaku

1 month ago#20
gtomanga posted...
it'll be a battle royal game or an another Destiny clone.

they've actually already said that. Its being built in the existing framework of Anthem, so yes, it'll be a destiny clone live service game.

Provided bioware lives long enough to finish it which...is unlikely.
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