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User Info: ExperiencePoint

4 weeks ago#1
Let's see those lists guys.

Mine are:

1. Horizon Zero Dawn
2. Persona 5
3. Nier Automata
4. Mass Effect Andromeda
5. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD

User Info: thierminator

4 weeks ago#2
1.Dark souls remastered
2.Dark souls 2 SotfS
3. Bloodborne
4.Dark souls 3
5. Divinity original sin 2
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User Info: Dungeonsynth

4 weeks ago#3
1) dragons dogma
2) horizon zero dawn
3) witcher 3
4) deus ex mankind divided
5) kingdom come deliverence

User Info: Doober2

4 weeks ago#4
1. The Witcher 3
2. Persona 5
3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
4. Nier: Automata
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User Info: Gangstub

4 weeks ago#5
1. Persona 5
2. DAI
3. Bloodbourne
4. Fallout 4
5. Mass Effect Andromeda

User Info: BoganZ

4 weeks ago#6
1. Xenoblade X
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Persona 5
4. Battle Chasers Nightwar
5. Nothing else worth mentioning
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User Info: Vamar

4 weeks ago#7
This gen has been pretty weak for RPGs IMO.

User Info: Djoser2000

4 weeks ago#8
Vamar posted...
This gen has been pretty weak for RPGs IMO.

This gen had TW3, DOS2, P5, DQ11, all the Soulsborne titles, etc.
Even KCD is a good game just took 1855 patches to get there.
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User Info: boomstickbhg

4 weeks ago#9
ToV Definitive
Nier A
.hack GU Last Recode
The Witcher 3
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