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4 weeks ago#131
Sekiro is a difficult game that gives you pathetic rewards for taking down tough bosses.

By the time I got to the Guardian Ape boss, I had to stop playing it because I just wasn't having fun.

I don't mind a difficult game but at least make it rewarding.

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4 weeks ago#132
skermac posted...
ZBug_ posted...
Second_Hokage posted...
Its currently on impossible difficulty by default

I beat it twice in the first couple weeks. Learn and grow from your mistakes.

why I this the standard answer? every developer needs to put difficulty setings in games, I don't know why fromsoft thinks they are exempt, sony needs to give them an order

Because the game is designed to elicit a certain experience. Obviously the difficulty of Fromsoft games are part of that experience.
That’s like complaining that Taletale games don’t let you skip all the dialogue/cutscenes. That’s literally the point of the game.

This person gets it:
SirBuckford posted...
No, an artist should stick to what they want their product to be and how they want it to be experienced.
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4 weeks ago#133
so does real life but I'm not complaining...
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4 weeks ago#134
ChaoticKnuckles posted...
Taizuku posted...
ChaoticKnuckles posted...
MrMikeMa posted...
I'll be honest, without being able to summon help, I'm really struggling with this game.

I still can't beat Lady Butterfly and her stupid second phase. I'm currently stuck in about 3 or 4 other areas as well.

I guess my reflexes are just not what they used to be.

Keep your head up in regards to her. Lady Butterfly is my personal wall, even when I know her pattern she’s still tougher to me than many of the later game enemies for some reason. It may be the same for you. Once you get past her you may find that other bosses aren’t as difficult for you.

You can literally mash dodge attack over and over and she can’t do anything about it. In her second phase just run around the room to dodge the projectiles, then spam dodge attack. She’s a cakewalk.

Like I said, she’s my personal wall. She just causes me problems even if I know her pattern and what to do. On the flip side of that, there are bosses that I hear other people rage at that don’t cause me issues. I think everyone has that one boss that just has their number, she’s mine.

Yeah I understand what you mean, but in her case, I mean she literally cannot defend herself if you fight her in that way. Her AI is basically incapable of protecting itself from this method. Anyone that can dodge and press R1 can easily defeat her with this method.
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