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  3. Will you be buying the PS5 at launch? Why or why not?

User Info: MikuMikuMiku

4 weeks ago#1
Will you? - Results (334 votes)
Yes, of course
37.72% (126 votes)
No, gonna wait til it has a decently sized library
30.54% (102 votes)
No, gonna wait for a sale
16.77% (56 votes)
No, PS4 will be my last Sony console
14.97% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: Redeyed4291

4 weeks ago#2
No more topics asking this question. Please!
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User Info: BUMPED2002

4 weeks ago#3
I never buy new electronic products at launch because I wait until they work the kinks out.

User Info: Valiant_Kaiser

4 weeks ago#4
Depends if the PS5 or Xbox has better software, controller, etc. at launch. I hate Uncharted style games now... Too many of them, Sony bets too much on that genre.

User Info: Armyofone

4 weeks ago#5
I currently plan to, but I might change my mind depending on the reveal and launch games
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User Info: knightimex

4 weeks ago#6
Yep, day 1.

User Info: Ralizah

4 weeks ago#7
I don't like the direction Sony is going, and I almost never buy consoles at launch anyway, so no.

Even if I did eventually choose to get a PS5, though, it would be years into the gen. Potentially after a mid-gen refresh, or else when it hits a really attractive sale price and has developed a large stable of exclusive games to enjoy.

User Info: Kyrylo

4 weeks ago#8
no, unless it has good library at launch.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 weeks ago#9
I don't early adopt.
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User Info: Great_Khan

4 weeks ago#10
If I wait a few years I get it for $200 off and it'll have a dozen games I'll want at $40-$70 off each. Seems like taking the time to kill my PS4 backlog first is the wiser option.
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  3. Will you be buying the PS5 at launch? Why or why not?
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