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  3. Did you like gtav's story mode more or mgsv's?

User Info: CedarPointcp

4 weeks ago#1
only the offline single player of each game - Results (44 votes)
65.91% (29 votes)
34.09% (15 votes)
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 weeks ago#2
I don’t know why, but GTAV just didn’t hook me. I like the series and I gave it a go, but a few hours in, I just had no desire to play it. Seemed like a good game, but it just didn’t interest me for some reason.

I did finish MGSV, but it was major let-down.
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User Info: -MrMojoRisin-

4 weeks ago#3
Why are we comparing GTAV and MGSV again?

The MGSV trailers had a better story than the game itself. Kojima made it seem like it would be one of the darkest and most gripping stories in the series. It was supposed to show how Big Boss went from the hero of MGS3 to the villain of Metal Gear 1/2....then we got MGSV. Calling it a story doesn't even seem right. At least the gameplay was top notch.
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User Info: Iroquois2688

4 weeks ago#4
GTA by leaps and bounds. MGSV's story was horrible because Fukushima wasn't co writing the series anymore.

User Info: synklare

4 weeks ago#5
One of the weakest elements of MGSV next to the open world was the story so, it's a no contest.

GTAV isn't stellar either but, its better than the flaming pile of s*** Kojima and crew pooped out with MGSV.
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User Info: peontom

4 weeks ago#6
I like mgsv's story because of the sophisticated intrigue. GTAV's story is just the usual wacky dumbness.

User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 weeks ago#7
GTA V's story has a beginning, middle, and end. It wins by default
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User Info: Conquerer

4 weeks ago#8
I really disliked both stories, but GTAV's was better because it actually had direction. Still lacking compared to Vice City or San Andreas though imo.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 weeks ago#9
GTA V. I mean, it wasn't story of the year, but MGS V barely had a story, and when it had one it was told through audio logs. Boring. Something about losing languages and throat parasites. No f***ing clue, lmao.

GTA V was just really a story to drive you through the game and give you reasons as to why you needed money. It had its moments, but the missions were really the things that stood out.
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User Info: Raiden243

4 weeks ago#10
GTAV had more story and it was complete so that's a win for GTA over MGS.
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