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User Info: KillzoneSnake

1 month ago#1
What will PS5 do? - Results (181 votes)
PS4 graphics @ 4K-30fps + Ray Tracing
17.13% (31 votes)
PS4 graphics @ 4K-60fps + Ray Tracing
11.6% (21 votes)
Next Gen graphics @ 4K-30fps + Ray Tracing
26.52% (48 votes)
Next Gen graphics @ 4K-60fps + Ray Tracing
19.34% (35 votes)
Next Gen graphics @ 8K-120fps + Ray Tracing
7.73% (14 votes)
480p-60fps + Ray Tracing
3.87% (7 votes)
PS5 will do nothing
13.81% (25 votes)
This poll is now closed.
PS3 was for sure over 10+++ times the power of PS2, it was a massive jump. Sony said PS4 is 10 times stronger than PS3, which gave us a decent jump. But PS5 is looking like x5 the jump.

We kinda know the specs already. GPU will be around the 12 TF range give or take. More take than give to be honest... While CPU should be 4-5 times the power. Microsoft said the next gen Xbox will have x4 CPU power and that both next gen consoles will be similar. As for RAM we are looking at only x2 more at least... compared to x16 increases we used to have....

Considering PS5 will run games at native 4K and ray tracing... i dont see much room for better graphics than Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn... unless they go 30 FPS again. People are going to be disappointed.

Let's take the Xbox One X. Still fairly new, they cost $400 in 2019 or more!! Next gen out 2020... lets just think about that for a second. Even the PS4 pro costs $350+ today! But anyway the X is very powerful and maybe it could run Horizon at 4K-30 but no chance at 60 fps. PS5 will for sure do 60fps, even with resourse hog ray traced lighting! But the game will essentially look like a PS4 game... just smoother, little sharper than a Pro running it at 1440p, better lighting...

IMO PS5 will be the smallest graphical jump in playstation history and i dont care about waiting 10 seconds in loading screen......

User Info: PS4TW

1 month ago#2
Diminishing returns as graphics get better. So ps5 will be a smaller jump, just like ps4 was a small jump over ps3
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User Info: HajimeNoIppo

1 month ago#3
You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

User Info: Great_Khan

1 month ago#4
There'll be diminishing returns since standards keep getting higher. There'll be a lot of improvements on technical factors, but they won't be as instantly recognisable as ps1 to 2 to 3. I mean the 4 doesn't feel like a huge jump, but there really has been a massive upgrade in play, it's just less apparent since the 3 didn't look horrific.

We're also approaching the developer effort threshold, as games aren't limited by technical potential but by the amount of time and cost involved in pushing it further. Hell it could be argued we're seeing it already.

I'm hoping there's more of a push towards performance (fov, frame rate) with it. I'm not a snob on these things at all, I'm happy with 30, but I can't see most devs pushing the envelope hard enough to require the limitation.

User Info: FooFightersFan

1 month ago#5
I read somewhere that loading times will be significantly improved in the PS5. I have no idea if that's true at all, but that would be the main thing for me. Even on recently released PS4 games I find loading times to be annoying. When playing the original Playstation many years ago, that was always the biggest annoyance. Sure, they've generally gotten better but I assumed that with the improvements in technology, they'd be able to vastly reduce or eliminate loading times from pretty much all games. Nope. Still gotta sit through black screens.

User Info: Solis

1 month ago#6
Your poll options don't even correspond to the question you're asking...
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User Info: anubisbahamut

1 month ago#7
Depends on the developers really if they do better try harder focus less on monetizing and more on the game itself we may see decent stuff, the technology will be there but will the effort and vision?
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User Info: LightEmperor

1 month ago#8
The PS5 can have all those nice specs but it would be meaningless if only a few devs can afford to fully take advantage of them.
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User Info: Modifier

1 month ago#9
Yes, it'll be a small jump. Even less than from the PS3 to the PS4 (which was barely noticeable, imo).
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User Info: IgorSaray

1 month ago#10
Modifier posted...
Yes, it'll be a small jump. Even less than from the PS3 to the PS4 (which was barely noticeable, imo).

That’s just perception due to passage of time and small incremental improvements we were getting basically all the time. But that opinion is wrong I tell you. Go see some videos of original RDR on YT and then tell me about barely noticeable jump in RDR2.

It’s a big obvious jump BUT as we get closer and closer to photorealism you can’t expect any more drastic jumps like in the past.

What I learned is human brain very quickly accepts any improvement and forgets just as quickly that it was any worse before that. Only watching old videos you remind yourself how far have we come.

I wish for PS5 that we get not only better graphics but better physics, bigger worlds, more characters, more lines of dialogue, larger stories, better AI etc.

I don’t think shorter loading times is enough of a sales pitch. They’re really not a problem in most games I play and it’s good to have a breather here and there.
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