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User Info: theicon89

1 month ago#1
So I recently finished up Days Gone which I thought was a very solid open world game and really enjoyed it. A few days after finishing the game I got an email from Playstation stating that I had beaten Days Gone and was given a code for a Days Gone avatar. I really like it that Playstation does small things like this for their exclusive games.

When I got the platinum trophy for Horizon: Zero Dawn Playstation sent me a code for a special theme. I have also received some stuff for God of War for getting the platinum or finishing the game, can't remember what it was for.

In a time of constant micro transactions and loot boxes for cosmetics or pay to win garbage it's good to see a company send you free stuff for completing a game or getting a platinum trophy. I just wanted to voice my appreciation for something that Sony doesn't really have to do but shows that they appreciate you playing their games.

User Info: PS4TW

1 month ago#2
Sony’s exclusives feel like big blockbusters and I love them. It feels like a special event when one is coming out. They are usually a step above most games. Last of us, bloodborne , Detroit , god of war , horizon . Very amazing games that have Hollywood caliber story and presentation except for bloodborne but it’s got atmosphere and combat that are unmatched .
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User Info: BlueSnow

1 month ago#3
Sony exclusives generally don't appeal to me at all. Days Gone was the first one that looked interesting to me. Unfortunately i had to skip it because i'm against Sony's current censorship and SJW nonsense.
Shame really, i've been looking forward to it since 2016.
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