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  3. What's The "Cringiest" Game You've Ever Played?

User Info: sleepercell99

1 month ago#1
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 without a doubt

User Info: MikuXII

1 month ago#2
Tales of Berseria
That was a travesty of anime writing, 2D 'billboard' texture work from the PS1 era, flat ugly textures and overall its a very ugly game

User Info: Armyofone

1 month ago#3
APB reloaded, total trash
Lightning- I control my Fate! (FF 13)

User Info: LiquidDee

1 month ago#4
Kingdom Hearts 3.

I didn't play it but I tried watching it on twich a couple of times but had to stop after a few minutes because of the dialogue.

User Info: Haloham08

1 month ago#5
I guess some of the Saints Row games. They were fun but cringy as hell at times. I would list 90% of jrpgs but i dont even bother with most weeb s*** these days.

User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#6
Street Fighter V. Clipping on literally every single character, horrendous script writing and voice acting. And now there is around $1500 of cringeworthy DLC.

User Info: kidrobot

1 month ago#7
neptunia followed by senran
taeyeon's #1 fanboy~

User Info: Raiden243

1 month ago#8
Grand Theft Auto V

User Info: peontom

1 month ago#9
Leisure Suit Larry on the Playstation 3

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

1 month ago#10
Final Fantasy VIII.
For any whom this post happens to offend, I can get you a great deal on a spine.
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  3. What's The "Cringiest" Game You've Ever Played?
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