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  3. Is Overcooked 2 for 17.50 (30% off) worth? Yooka-Laylee for $10 (75% off) worth?

User Info: busterSouls

3 weeks ago#11
Overcooked is awesome.
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User Info: kingdrake2

3 weeks ago#12
beware of yooka... some of the collectibles is very well hidden. took me a few hours to find some of em.
but it does provide a good length of gaming if going for the plat.
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 weeks ago#13
I found yooka laylee a bit bland, but its a well put together game all the same, just doesn't quite nail what they were going for. Its a C+ effort, but for fans of the genre, for $10 its not a bad buy at all.

And overcooked rules, especially co-op
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User Info: Lord_Sniper_IV

3 weeks ago#14
Over cooked 2 is great. One of the few games I can get my wife to play, and I bought the season pass recently, felt like the areas they added were substantial in size and well worth the price
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User Info: DarkAscent

3 weeks ago#15
Overcooked 2: Future PS+ game.
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User Info: mastermix3000

3 weeks ago#16
Yooka Laylee def worth $10

User Info: pipebomb_phil

3 weeks ago#17
I bought Overcooked 2 for Switch for like $40 and it's fully worth it especially if you have someone to play with.

User Info: HipsterSora

3 weeks ago#18
I'm not sure it's worth it but me and my girl did like overcooked 1, so even for 30% off I decided to buy this one to support whoever makes it. Got the first one for free anyhow....
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User Info: dankanefan

3 weeks ago#19
Overcooked is awesome. The sequel not so much. It suffers from what a lot of sequels do in that they tried to hard to improve/change things that didn't need it and didn't really fix the issues with the original. Still, I'd say the first one is much better.
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  3. Is Overcooked 2 for 17.50 (30% off) worth? Yooka-Laylee for $10 (75% off) worth?
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