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  3. Your top 3 God of War games?

User Info: pablofreak88

4 weeks ago#51
nedmo0000 posted...
enfam0us posted...
Too many zoomers in this topic(New GoW fans)

Played the games in the series including the PSP ones the newer GOW is easily the best

Played each God of War as they came out. GoW 2018 is in the top 3 for me.

Taizuku posted...
SonyHoundDawg posted...
Only the new one

The old ones were products of their time and aged poorly

Horrible opinion
I generally try to be respectful with other's opinions, but I agree horrible.

User Info: Darkness-Seeker

4 weeks ago#52
1. God of War (PS4)
2. God of War III
3. God of War II
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User Info: spiralofnine

4 weeks ago#53
Joant73 posted...
This is oddly difficult for me. I have loved all the mainline games so whichever one I end up leaving out feels wrong. So I'm going GoW 1-3 and the new GoW, they are all tied at the top. If I had to try and order it.

GoW 2
GoW 2018
GoW 1
Gow 3
This is probably my ranking, too.

As a series I think they're all pretty close together although the first game is like a 2 minutes Ramones song, the 3rd game is a nu-metal Disturbed song, and the new game is closer to something like November Rain. The 2nd game hit the sweet spot, imo.
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User Info: Kent233

4 weeks ago#54
OZ_Archangel posted...
pb409 posted...
1. GoW 2
2. GoW 3
3. GoW 1
4. GoW Chains of Olympus
5. GoW Ascension
6. Sony Playstation All Star with Kratos
7. Little Big Planet with Kratos skin
8. Pretty much anything with Kratos cameos
9. Finally dead last - God of War 2018 god I hated that game.

same here to be honest its strange
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