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User Info: Brocken_Jr

3 weeks ago#1
the original thread -

the problem finally got fixed earlier this month, sort of. while this was going on, the employee who originally messed up the preorder quit his job

what i originally preordered - devil may cry 5 deluxe edition

so i made a new message emailing them saying that i still havent received a response. after a few more emails, i ended up getting called by a branch manager of the location i preordered at. after talking about the problem over the phone, i had to wait until he received the deluxe version, and to call back a bit later (forgot how long exactly).

i call back later, and get told that hes calling many other gamestops looking for it, and to call him soon, so i do. same thing, hes looking, call later, this time 3 weeks. another 3 weeks, and still get told the same thing. btw, even getting him to answer was kinda annoying, so i was annoyed even calling back at this point.

i get no call on sunday or monday, so i call him tuesday, and he says he restarted his phone, so he lost my number. its another 3 weeks again. i didnt mention this part to him, but i used a store locator while he was stuck calling various gamestops. there was one in some gamestop 40 miles away, i have no idea why he didnt just use the store locator.

at this point, he says that its hard to find BECAUSE THE GAME DIDNT SELL WELL AT ALL. it sold, what, over 2 million? anyway, im like you know what? i cant keep waiting (i uninstalled the game shortly after i beat it because not having the disc was on my mind the entire time i played, it ruined the game for me completely), so i tell him just gimme the normal edition

he asked why, and i said that i dont want to keep dealing with this waiting for the game, and im sure you dont do, so forget it, ill settle for the normal edition (i really wanted the deluxe box, but its taking to long). he said he has to make a phone call, and that i should call back in 15m. i suggested that he just calls back when hes done with the call, and he said ok. all day, nothing, next day, nothing. i call back, and his reason was that his phone restarted and that he lost my number....

so he says to call me back next week (AAAAAAAH), so i do. FIIIINALLY he gets the game dropped off at the location the problem started at, and i finally get the disc. it aint the deluxe, but im exhausted after all this, so f*** it XD. im never preordering at this gamestop again, i switched to it cause i had a problem with the other one, but i guess im goin back to that one than
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User Info: Irony

3 weeks ago#2
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User Info: valkyriealpha

3 weeks ago#3
Nice wall, but I feel your pain have had similar problems with gamestop as well thus why I no longer shop with them.

They tend to act like they are the only choice so why are you complaining, luckily they aren't and I'll gladly move on from them.

User Info: dhampire1

3 weeks ago#4
I had a similar situation happen at a GameStop for jumpforce collectors edition.
I went in to reserve it and one employee said it was sold out and they couldn’t reserve more. So then one of the managers in the store said they will get it and it’s no problem. So then she reserved a regular one, I kept saying I only wanted the collectors edition, she swore I’d get it but had to reserve the regular version. I kept questioning her about how they’d know if it didn’t say anything in their system or not, so she wrote on my receipt in highlighter collectors edition. I literally had her say numerous times I was definitely getting it, otherwise I’d have ordered it somewhere else.
Day it comes out they know nothing of the reservation. I show them the receipt and they said that employee lied and did that a bunch of times in the past just to get reservations. So a few days went by with them calling all over trying to get the collectors edition for me. Never got it. I was honestly pissed. And that sadly is a manager there.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

3 weeks ago#5
You should have demanded your money back and then got the game somewhere else.

User Info: rafamaximo

3 weeks ago#6
Sucks when that s*** happens. Once I bought Rainbow Six Siege Advanced/Deluxe/Whatever Edition through an online retailer, birthday gift for my older kid. They sent me regular edition instead.

Problem is... it was a store selling through marketplace of a major retailer. So when dealing with major retailer, they asked partner store to actually ship me another copy of that specific edition. But they didn't have an actual copy of that edition I wanted, only regular editions.

After several calls and e-mails explaining what was going on, I was finally able to solve the problem - a refund. As our PS4 also went to f***ing hell (we had 2 months without our console at all), it was no problem.

After I got that refund, I was able to get him regular edition for Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield V along for same price I was paying before - major retailer had several games on sale. He was even happier than before, despite taking almost two months to get this straightened out - about the same time our PS4 was bad.
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User Info: KnucklesIX

3 weeks ago#7
XSilverPhoenixX posted...
You should have demanded your money back and then got the game somewhere else.

Agree. You let them get away

User Info: HarryTasker

3 weeks ago#8
Why deal at Gamestop? I only do unless I have to these days.
Well, you see, this is the problem with terrorists. They're really inconsiderate when it comes to people's schedules.

User Info: PS4TW

3 weeks ago#9
I always pay with credit card so I can charge back if needed . This would have been one of those times. They are jerking you around and stealing your money. They need to give you what you ordered or refund your money
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User Info: Tombante

3 weeks ago#10
Like that one guy said, always use a credit card, credit card companies will most of the time side with the buyer no questions asked

Always call over email, if you complain to enough people over the phone **** gets done, personally my social skills are kinda ass so I get emailing but always call and if they aren't helping ask for their manager, ask for corporate, etc

And I like having games over digital too and I haven't been to a gamestop in years even though there's one less than a mile and a 5 min walk from my house. Just use Amazon, release day shipping, better deals usually
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