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  3. So at this point are we expecting last of us 2 to be a cross gen ps5 launch

User Info: PS4TW

1 month ago#1
Title? Ps5 will probably be November 2020. It’s probably my most anticipated game at this point as the original was a masterpiece.
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User Info: levelshooter

1 month ago#2
Nah, it'll be a ps4 only launch with a ps5 remaster a year later ;)
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User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
1 month ago#3
If it was coming out before ps5 launch, I would assume we would know by now. I would be willing to bet a lot it will be a launch title for the ps5
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

1 month ago#4
I think it will be cross gen. I don't think it'd be PS5 exclusive, was announced too early, and had gameplay.

I think we'll hear a 2020 release date later this year perhaps as a PS5 launch title, but also available on the PS4 (similar to Halo Infinite with Xbox Scarlett and Xbox One).
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User Info: Thierrymon

1 month ago#5
It will launch on PS4 (probably early next year) and then remastered on PS5.

User Info: Insaan

1 month ago#6
According to multiple rumors it was going to be released this year but got pushed to February next year cause Death Stranding is releasing in November.
I think that's likely what it will be, and no there won't be a PS5 remaster, PS5 is BC and they'll just release a patch to make it better. I suspect that will be a big marketing point Sony will use to accelerate PS5's adoption, "All those award winning PS4 exclsuives you own are even better if you buy a PS5". It will ofcourse also insure that people stay in their ecosystem which is really the most important thing.

User Info: supertecmobowl

1 month ago#7
I don't think it will be a ps5 exclusive. I would pretty much imagine that it will release for PS4 by spring of next year.
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  3. So at this point are we expecting last of us 2 to be a cross gen ps5 launch
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