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  3. This is the "REAL" Tifa design........ with today's graphics

User Info: Jx1010

4 weeks ago#1
Beautifully done by a female artist and loyal to the original.
Just wanted to share this, seems the original could still be done.



User Info: ZigZagMcGuff

4 weeks ago#2
Guessing you people aren't gonna get over it?
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4 weeks ago#3
Face is off
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User Info: DaDrkKnight

4 weeks ago#4
ZigZagMcGuff posted...
Guessing you people aren't gonna get over it?

Give it time
I'm going to hee-ho down your neck.
I'm kidding. Maybe.

User Info: Disengaged

4 weeks ago#5
This thing again?
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User Info: BananaLint

4 weeks ago#6
If it ever releases on PC it will be.
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 weeks ago#7
Looks pretty good.

That said the look they showed is fine also maybe get over it or don't i'm not your mom.
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User Info: burritoo

4 weeks ago#8
I'll be honest, FF7R Tifa is pretty much the perfect example of artists bastardizing their own creations. I feel like Square is trying to satisfy two entirely different crowds and it doesn't work very well. At least this Western take (hence the face) recreates every itty bitty detail from the concept art.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 weeks ago#9
Wonder why they changed the glove colour in the remake? I can understand (though I don't agree with it) the other changes, but not that.
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User Info: Late_pizza

4 weeks ago#10
That is not an asian body. Their diet does not produce thick like that.
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  3. This is the "REAL" Tifa design........ with today's graphics
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