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  3. What is more important in a video game?

User Info: AttackUp

1 month ago#1
Just wonderin' - Results (310 votes)
Cinematic graphics
6.77% (21 votes)
Fun gameplay
93.23% (289 votes)
This poll is now closed.
More and more games seem to be going for the cinematic style nowadays
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User Info: Daymos256

4 weeks ago#2
Whats more important in terms of games sales-

Advertising! + cinematic graphics.
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User Info: rjames80

4 weeks ago#3
Both, like GoW.
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User Info: Tmo_1992

4 weeks ago#4
The ability to balance both
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User Info: CaIiber345

4 weeks ago#5
Gameplay trumps all else in a video game.
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User Info: BaschLives

4 weeks ago#6
rjames80 posted...
Both, like GoW.

User Info: Bartboyblu

4 weeks ago#7
CaIiber345 posted...
Gameplay trumps all else in a video game.

Dis. Sure story can be important. A nice combination of story, gameplay, graphics, depth, etc. is always great. But if gameplay is not there why bother? Might as well watch a movie.

User Info: D4Thots

4 weeks ago#8
Both like Uncharted
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User Info: levelshooter

4 weeks ago#9
BaschLives posted...
rjames80 posted...
Both, like GoW.

Gameplay is adequate to get through the story. Not nearly as fun as the older GoW games imo
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User Info: WTGHookshot

4 weeks ago#10
In my opinion, neither. Those are both just components of the overall experience, and I don't judge a game (or a book or a movie or whatever) on its components. I look at the whole experience.
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