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  3. Your favorite game of all time?

User Info: Naygen

1 week ago#1
If possible, when did you play it, and what do you love about it?

Doesn't have to be a PS4 game, obviously.

User Info: SegavsCapcom

1 week ago#2
Up Your Arsenal or Crack in Time
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User Info: BonfireForCrow

1 week ago#3
Silent Hill 2. I actually couch surfed while my cousin played through it on a snowy September night back in 2001 and it was the first time the entire atmosphere of a video game completely engrossed us both.

The story, the environments, Henrys journey into the depths of his own consciense transcended what I thought was possible in the medium at that time.

What about you TC?
You ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

User Info: capnunit

1 week ago#4
A Link to the Past

Played it at release and again last year. Still holds up. Best game ever.
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User Info: artowen74

1 week ago#5
Tecmo Super Bowl
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RIP Hiroki

User Info: vexermaster

1 week ago#6
Skyrim (PC) with mods
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User Info: Pharsti01

1 week ago#7
Thats a hard one, theres just too many great games out there.

Can never settle on one, my mind changes all the time XD

Right now im inclined to say... Xenogears.
No! Wait! ... Parasite Eve!
... Valkyrie Profile?

Nope, i cant, the list goes on.

User Info: ResidentGear31

1 week ago#8
Chrono Trigger hands down.

User Info: NinjaBlowfish

1 week ago#9
Easy. Link to the Past.

Now if you ask my second favorite game of all time it'd be much, much harder to decide.

User Info: Nicodimus

1 week ago#10
Final Fantasy IV. I play through it once a year.

Also has my favorite soundtrack of all time. Uematsu in his prime.
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