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  3. Would you want a gta game with an all female cast?

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 weeks ago#21
No. This sounds like a terrible idea.

User Info: BinBinricecake

4 weeks ago#22
Goji posted...
"Realistic" females or attractive ones?

*whistles and points to res***era
"Their standards probably"
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User Info: chrono2888

4 weeks ago#23
I want GTA 6 within the next four years. If its all female cast its fine. If its on PS5 its fine.
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User Info: Ada-Wong-Fan

4 weeks ago#24
As long no SJW Script alike SJWBattlefield (2018)
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User Info: Ana_Nuann

4 weeks ago#25
Since when has gta had attractive people? Why suddenly demand that mow when you were happy playing characters that look like they were pulled out of a dumpster for the last 10 years +?

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

4 weeks ago#26
Ada-Wong-Fan posted...
As long no SJW Script alike SJWBattlefield (2018)

The only SJW material I'd want in the game is the usual GTA style humor of mocking the crap out of it or making it FURTHER look like a complete joke.

OT: Not all female No, but I wouldn't be opposed to a Female Main Character, I mean it'd give them the chance to try something a bit new, I mean they got 3 MC's to work so why not.
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