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  3. Would you want a gta game with an all female cast?

User Info: skermac

4 weeks ago#1
I think it would be cool with badass hot girls
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User Info: GM_

4 weeks ago#2
I mean FFX-2 already did this.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 weeks ago#3
I’ll be flabbergasted if rockstar gets away from a sausage fest

User Info: WhitGameR44

4 weeks ago#4
I'd want a custom character. At least like saints row did.
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User Info: levelshooter

4 weeks ago#5
I don't see them doing all female playable characters, but I reckon they'll be a female character next game. Maybe a brother and sister kind of thing
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 weeks ago#6
No. Though I'm not against multiple characters with one being a female.

User Info: BadAlchemist

4 weeks ago#7
No. The "All female" label is just political BS.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a female playable character/lead.

User Info: Jarvissan

4 weeks ago#8
It’s time for a female lead tbh. Switch it up
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User Info: Biscotti

4 weeks ago#9

User Info: Spewnami

4 weeks ago#10
Sure, Rockstar would do a good job. Remember, they'd try to focus on something that would fit into a world of GTA. Hooker rising the ranks and becoming the Queen pimp quickly escalating to Queen Pin of crime? Finding out which one of her girls is a snitch? Being the snitch? Why not? I doubt they'd do the politically correct crap.
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  3. Would you want a gta game with an all female cast?
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