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  3. Why I QUIT FORTNITE a month ago & why ONLINE-ONLY GAMES are now dead to me.

User Info: Rhapsodos

1 month ago#1
I had fun with my 2 plus years with Fortnite.

Never loved online only games till Fortnite.

But now I say goodbye to Fortnite.


Because eventho its been fun, the idea that you must complete Battle Pass for 2 months & play nearly 5 or more days a week for hours just to get those unlocks, its a grind & I hate grinds with time limits. So if you miss that timeframe, youre screwed with your unlocks from the pass.

I started on Season `1 & I got the shark grey glider so Im kinda one of the first few guys. Didnt bother getting the Battle Passes since Season 3 because Im smart gamer & I dont wanna waste PSN money on ANYTHING really, except full games, because I legit despise microtransactions.

I regret about 100 bucks, 150 at most spending in Fortnite now till late last year.

I regret because I couldve gotten 3-4 new disc PS4 games now. I shouldve been smarter. Shouldve bought Save the World earlier if Id known that separate game would rain Vbucks for free instead of me buying on PSN.


But I gave the thief my money without that thief knowing, sort of robbed.

I was oldschool PS1 guy & I shouldve known better that ONLINE-ONLY GAMES NEVER LETS YOU KEEP YOUR STUFF.

That they get replaced, that somewhere the servers will go off (NBA 2k17 just went down last Dec & for that I aint buying next 2K or anything from them).

But as the great fightlord Conor McGregor said, we live & we learn or something like that.

Now I know, you know?

Thanks for reading my internet words. If you wanna throw e-stones at me or like mock me for being gullible, go ahead, Im gonna take it because I deserve it.

Im just doing this so SOMEBODY ELSE WONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE that I did.

Lesson: f*** MICROTRANSACTIONS & online-only games.

Thanks guys.


User Info: cheapchip

1 month ago#2
I am cat, meow tonight?
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User Info: corpuscle

1 month ago#3
thanks I was actually just wondering whether Rhapsodos was still into Fortnite

User Info: kanon951

1 month ago#4
Don't worry, this will be a funny story to tell in the future when you're 12 years old.

User Info: leeman3104

1 month ago#5
WHY should anyone really care
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User Info: DrProfessor

1 month ago#6
Who are you again?
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User Info: digUbetterdead

1 month ago#7
PSN: LoveLikeJazz

User Info: sirhett

1 month ago#8
DrProfessor posted...
Who are you again?

User Info: SoulTrain75

1 month ago#9
Good for you tc. Don't waste your life doing something you don't want to do.
Catch a rideeee!

User Info: Nabinator

1 month ago#10
sirhett posted...
DrProfessor posted...
Who are you again?

A poster on Gfaqs. Who are you?
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